10 Best Bikes for Kids in Reviews

Among the best ways to keep childhood memories for your young one is getting them bikes for kids. It is very hard for one to forget the first time they learned how to ride a bike. This is the reason why as a parent you need to take time to select the right bike for your kid. Doing the selection might be a daunting task given the fact that the market is currently flooded. You, therefore, need to take time and research keenly to make sure that you give the best to our kid.

To spare the time that you could otherwise use to do the research, we compiled a detailed list for you. It comprises of the top 10 best bikes for kids that are available in the market as of now. There are several factors to keep in mind before picking a bike for your kid. All that is covered in the buying guide section of this article. By the end of this review, we believe that you will be in a position to make the right decision.

The Best Bikes for Kids Reviews

10. Dynacraft Jurassic Kids Bike

We kick off this review with this bike for kids which is ideal for those kids between the ages of 4 and 8 years. The training wheels for this bike are made with quality materials to guarantee durability. You will even appreciate that they are easily removable and can be adjusted accordingly. The fact that the manufacturer provides the needed assembly tools gives you the convenience you need. We also have to mention that this bike comes from a very reputable brand. You, therefore, need to buy confidently knowing that this is something that you can rely upon.


  • This bike for kids comes with removable and adjustable training wheels
  • The recommended age of use for this bike is between four and eight years
  • It comes in two different color options from which the buyers can pick from
  • This bike for kids is very easy to assemble with minimal tools needed


  • The customer support team is not as responsive

9. JOYSTAR Kids Bike for Girls and Boys with Training Wheels

Next on the list is this bike for kids which arrives in different color options. The wheels are very stable which makes it a perfect selection for the early rider. You will also appreciate the fact that the height of the seat is easily adjustable. With the foot brakes, the kid will have good stopping power for the bike. This bike is made with premium steel that allows it to survive all the bumps of learning. The durable frame is also backed with a limited lifetime warranty. You will even be pleased to realize that this bike just needs minimum maintenance. What’s more, the installation will be a very simple task.


  • It is made with premium steel which helps to resist the bumps of learning and has minimum maintenance
  • The bike comes in a pre-assembled design together with the essential tools for an easy assembly time
  • It comes with stable wheels for training which are essential for the early riders
  • This bike for kids is made with quality materials which eliminate the need for regular maintenance


  • Broken and missing parts due to poor packaging

8. Huffy 72028 Boys' Bike, 12-inch wheel

If you are the kind of person who does not like complicated assembly procedures, this is the bike for you. This is because the manufacturer has provided an assembly tutorial in the package. The durable steel frame for this bike will make sure that the bike actually serves you for a long time. When it comes to the tires, you will appreciate that the bike has wide tires for a good riding experience. On the other hand, the seat for the bike is well-padded to give comfort to the young kid. With its realistic graphics too, this bike is just fun for the kid.


  • Made with a durable steel frame which comes with a limited lifetime warranty to guarantee its durability
  • The manufacturer provides an assembly tutorial to make sure that you do not struggle with the assembly
  • The seat for this bike is well-padded and also decorated so well which makes it attractive for the young one
  • It is equipped with a vibrant handlebar plague and quality handbrakes to guarantee safety for your kid


  • Some people complained that the tires kept being flat

7. Yamaha 12 inch Kids' BMX Bike

This is a professional dirt bike from a reputable brand in the market today. It is made in a way that your kid will easily learn how to keep balance as they ride. This bike is made in a solid construction allowing it to withstand the adventurous outdoors. The training wheels for this bike are made with quality materials which will guarantee that the child gains enough confidence. Apart from that, the rim is made professionally to ensure that the kid makes the most out of the bike.


  • It has wide training wheels that will instill the balancing skill in your kid at an early stage
  • This bike features a solid construction which ensures that it lasts long giving you value for your money
  • It features a quality dirt bike style which will definitely amaze your kids
  • This is a well-built bike that comes from a well-known brand


  • After long usage, the color for this bike might come off

6. COEWSKE Kid's Bike with a Steel Frame and Premium Training Wheel

This bike is made for both boys and girls. It also arrives in several color and size options from which the buyer chooses. The manufacturer made it with front and rear brakes to provide adequate stopping power. With such features, this bike becomes easy and very intuitive to use. The tires for this bike are wide enough and smooth to give the kid the best riding experience. The materials that have been used to make the tires too are of good quality to guarantee durability. You are also assured of an easy assembly time given that all the needed tools are included.


  • This is a sporty bike that has a unique style that is ideal for both boys and girls
  • It’s front and rear handbrakes together with the foot brakes give ample stopping power
  • The tires for this bike for kids are very smooth and made with durable rubber for the best experience
  • This bike comes with all the needed assembly tools which will give you an easy installation time


  • Although it has great features, it is a bit heavy

5. PHOENIX KAKU Kid’s Bike with Training Wheels, Comes in Several Colors

On the fifth spot as per this review is the PHOENIX bike for kids which comes in an assortment of sizes. The good thing about the bike is that it is ideal for both boys and girls. You will also appreciate the fact that this bike gives you the convenience of adjusting the seat height accordingly. The manufacturer avails this bike when assembled up to 85%. This, therefore, means that you will have an easy and short assembly time. What’s more, the bike has a strong steel frame that will support the kid’s weight. With the three color options available, you will have the freedom to choose your type.


  • This sporty bike is made for both boys and girls and features training wheels and a quick-release seat post
  • It features a sturdy steel frame which makes it last for a very long time
  • The bike comes in a pre-assembled design so you will only be needed to assemble a small part
  • These bikes arrive in an assortment of colors and sizes for convenience


  • It is still new in the market

4. Nice C BMX Kids' Bike with Dual Brakes for both Boys and Girls

This is another bike for kids that features high-quality and lightweight construction materials. What this means is that the bike will not cause serious injuries to your kids. Its one-piece frame, on the other hand, will make sure that the bike lasts for a very long time. One more feature that the bike boasts is that it has thick tires and training wheels for the best experience. With its dual brake system, you can be sure that this bike will stop immediately even at high speeds. With a warranty of three months, you will have enough confidence to buy.


  • The bike is made with high-quality materials that are light in weight for the safety of your kids
  • A one-piece frame will add longevity to the bike which makes it unique from its competitors
  • Extra thick tires and training wheels that make it easy for the kid to train on balancing skills
  • You need to buy with confidence since the manufacturer has backed it with a warranty of three months


  • Poor customer service

3. Schwinn Koen Boy's Bike - Fits Your Kid's Proportions

This is another ideal gift that you can bring your little boy. It is made with a durable steel frame. It also features kid-specific proportions which make pedaling easier. Another great feature is that it has both the rear and the front brakes which is essential for training. One more convenient feature about the bike is that it comes with a complete coverage chain guard which will protect the kid’s hands, feet as well as their clothes. Other important accessories include the training wheels, the number plate, and a saddle handle for storage.


  • Smart start design features a very durable steel frame and child-specific proportions which makes it easy to pedal
  • It comes with the rear and front brakes allowing the kid to stop immediately when need be
  • Complete coverage chain guard which will protect the kid’s little hands, feet, and clothes
  • Includes training wheels, a number plate, and a limited lifetime warranty to give you the confidence to purchase


  • The inner tube will pop out after inflation

2. RALEIGH Bikes Kids' Bike for Boys between 3 and 6 Years of Age, Green

The frame for this bike for kids features quality aluminum material which has lightweight. Despite having lightweight, the frame has a guarantee of durability. The wheels have a size of 16 inches which makes the bike ideal for young riders. As opposed to other bikes that have several gears, this one comes with a single-speed. This is important because it allows the kid to concentrate on riding as opposed to shifting gears. You will also appreciate that the bike comes in two different colors for you to pick from.


  • Made with an aluminum frame which is light in weight and durable to give you value for your money
  • Alloy V brakes for easy speed control and also easy stopping
  • 16 inches wheels which will keep your bike sized right for the young riders
  • A single-speed design allows the kid to focus on the ride with no need to shift the gears


  • The rear tire blew after some time according to some customers

1. Guardian Kids' Bikes, Multiple Colors - Lightweight Steel Construction and Simple Assembly

Finally on this review is the bike from Guardian Bike which comes with the sure stop technology. Its one brake lever will easily control both wheels allowing the kid to stop promptly. You will also have the privilege of choosing between the different available colors. Another great feature of this bike is the fact that it comes with the needed assembly tools. This, therefore, means that the assembly will be very easy. What’s more, this is a risk-free purchase given that this accessory comes with a free trial of thirty days. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Every bike from this brand comes with the sure stop technology which will easily control the wheels and prevent accidents
  • This bike comes ready to use out of the box with only simple assembly. It comes with all the assembly tools
  • It is made in a lightweight design for more control and better stability as the kid is cycling
  • Buy with confidence since it has a 30-day trial period and a lifetime frame


  • It is too expensive

Factors to consider when buying bikes for kids

Weight restrictions

This is a very important factor if you are looking to ensure that your bike lasts. You need to make sure that the bike you choose will accommodate the needs of your kid as they grow up. This, therefore, means that you need to know the weight of your kid before proceeding to purchase. Make sure that the bike is well-built to avoid compromising the safety of our kid.


This will be another feature that you need to keep in mind when doing the purchase of these bikes. Make sure that the tires offer the kid the best riding comfort. For instance, you need to make sure that the tires will deliver the best performance on different types of terrains. You also need to make sure that they feature quality materials to guarantee durability.


Any parent who is cautious about the safety of their kid will never want to compromise this factor. Make sure that the brakes are very functional to give the kid all the convenience. You should check to see the brakes for your preferred model of the bike allows the kid to stop even at high speeds. This will be a perfect way to guarantee the safety of your kid.


These are our top picks of the best bikes for kids which you will ever get in the market. As you can see, there are so many bikes available today. It might, therefore, be a hard task to settle on one bike. All the same, the above picks were made based on what those people who bought them had to say. We also provided a brief buyers’ guide on the important factors to consider before purchasing. What is actually left is for you to navigate through the review and make the decision from there.