10 Best Bike Phone Holder Bags In Reviews

As a rider or cyclist, you will need to access your smartphone easily at all times. Most of these smartphones have navigation and training apps, that need to be accessed every time. Therefore, most of these riders are looking for a more convenient way to mount these smartphones on their bikes. Also, it makes it more convenient to listen to your favourite music or pick a call as you ride. On the other hand, you can store some of your essentials while on the go. These include keys, wallets, headphones, earphones and many more. Since it doesn’t take much space, you will always remain comfortable while riding.

Now, when it comes to phone mounting solutions, there are a lot of brands to choose from. Settling on one particular model can be so hard and confusing given that there are so many confusing brands out there in the market. With this, we have made your work easier by coming up with a list of the best brands to make your choice from. Our list below entails the top ten best bike phone holder bags that will offer you the best. The list is as follows;

10. Rockbros Waterproof Front Frame Bike Phone Holder Bag for Mountain Bikes

Enjoy your favourite music as you ride with Rockbros bike phone holder bag. The opening ports at the bottom allow you to insert cables to listen to some music or receive a call. It is equipped with a highly sensitive TPU film window that allows you to operate your phone without any difficulties. This bag is made from high-grade carbon fibre materials with sealed zippers that keep it waterproof and dry at all times. During sunny and rainy days, it is recommended to use the sun visor and flashing board for easier operations. Even better, it accommodates a wide range of phones with a display size of fewer than 6.5 inches.


  • Splash resistant to keep your items safer at all times
  • Has a reasonable size to avoid rubbing your legs
  • The reflective stripes keep you safer at night
  • Easier to open and close with the soft rubber zippers


  • Has space for only basic items

9. Boao Black Waterproof Polyester Touch Screen Bike Phone Holder Bag for Adult Bikes

As you ride, you can secure your phone to the handlebar with a Boao bike phone holder bag. It has a velcro design that makes it easier for you to mount it onto your bike. With its larger capacity, you can store various items such as repair kits, mobile phones, wallets and keys. Featuring seamless double zippers and polyester materials, you are assured of a waterproof unit to keep your items dry as it rains. On the other hand, the sun visor blocks any sunlight that can prevent you from clearly seeing your phone. The sensitive TPU touch film allows you to operate your phone at all times.


  • Suitable for cellphones with a display of fewer than 6.5 inches
  • Has a closure strap to keep it attached to your bike
  • Features a lightweight design thus easy to carry around
  • Allows you to store most of your items as you ride


  • The plastic visor gets bent easily

8. Velmia Black Polyurethane Bike Phone Holder Bag with Reflective Components on all Sides

Even when it’s late in the hour, you can always remain safer with a Velmia bike phone holder bag. This unit is equipped with some reflective components that keep you safer and draws attention to your fellow riders. Both the zipper and the outer materials are made of waterproof components to keep your valuables safer from any damages. In addition, it fits all smartphones with a display size of up to 6.7 inches. Since it has a volume of up to 0.85 litres, you can store your power bank, smartphones, keys and so on. With the three Velcro straps, it will take you a few minutes to mount it on your bike.


  • Ideal for navigation with the functional fingerprint
  • Has a narrower design for a comfortable ride
  • The top protective cover offers more protection
  • Made lightweight thus easier to carry around


  • The zipper starts from the top instead of the bottom

7. Anvava Dustproof Well Cushioned Bike Phone Holder Bag for All Kinds of Riding

Are you looking for a more versatile bike phone holder bag? Look no further than this brand by Anvava. It is suitable for use on road bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and many more. Additionally, it is equipped with a sun visor at the top that allows you to check on your phone even during sunny conditions. You are required to place your phone in the case to prevent it from getting too hot. This bag is spacious enough to accommodate various items such as gloves, headphones, wallet, keys and more. Since it is designed from water-resistant materials, you are assured to keep your items dry at all times.


  • Features high seamed workmanship for longer usage
  • Has a high sensitive TPU film to ease phone operations
  • Assures you of secure installation for stable operations
  • Ergonomically designed to keep you more comfortable


  • Fits a few essentials inside the bag

6. Aozoy Stable Large Capacity Bike Phone Holder Bag with Hidden Earphone Hole

When it comes to a waterproof bike phone holder bag, you can trust this brand by Aozoy. This unit has high-quality components that are resistant to deformation for longer usage life. The sun visor is well designed to allow you to check your phone clearly at all times. Ideally, it only weighs 11.4 ounces thus you can easily carry it around. Installation is a hassle-free task since it takes a few minutes and does not require any additional tools. Better still, it is compatible with various phones below 7 inches. The TPU materials it is made from, are well known for their strength and durability.


  • Has a compact design thus occupies less storage space
  • Made from quality materials that are resistant to compression
  • Has anti-slip pad design to keep it more stable
  • Equipped with an earphone hole to listen to your music


  • No cons so far

5. Sireck High Sensitivity Touch Screen Bike Phone Holder Bag with Waterproof Zippers

Sireck bike phone holder is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your storage needs. It features high reflective stripes on both sides to keep you safer as you ride during darker nights. This large capacity bag has up to 3 pockets which enable you to store most of your items. Additionally, it is equipped with a highly sensitive touch screen TPU film that allows you to pick your calls and change music as you desire. With only a weight of 0.23 kilograms, you can easily transfer it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight. Since it is designed from high-grade polyester materials, you are assured of a durable unit.


  • Has a zipper opening design to access your items
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable operations
  • Easy to install by only fixing it on your bike
  • Waterproof to keep all your items inside dry


  • Not suitable for those who ride bikes aggressively

4. Victagen Bike Phone Holder Bag with Humanization Design and Seamless Zipper

When cycling, you can keep all your items intact with a Victagen bike phone holder bag. Featuring larger storage, you can keep your gloves, repair kit, earphones, cellphones or keys all in one place as you ride. With the high sensitivity touchscreen, you can operate your smartphones without facing any difficulty. On the other hand, the sun visor blocks direct sunlight that prevents you from clearly seeing your phone. All the stuff that you put in your bag will always stay dry since it is equipped with seamless and waterproof zippers. This makes it a great gift for loved ones who love cycling.


  • Comes with an earphone hole for listening to music as you ride
  • Takes a few minutes to fully install this device
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space


  • Has a shorter top strap

3. VUP Universal Front Frame Bike Phone Holder Bag for Fast Long-Distance Cycling

Cycling for longer distances has been made more convenient with a VUP bike phone holder bag. This unit has wider compatibility and can accommodate phones of 4 inches to 6.7 inches. Since it is made from 900D and 210D encrypted polyester, it assures you of water repellant and a durable bag. This makes it suitable for you to ride while it is raining. The logo reflective straps make it safer for you to ride at night since other cyclists will be aware of your presence. With the roomy storage, you can store most of your essentials such as cable lock, snacks, wallet, repair tools, small bike pump and so on.


  • Has brighter colour on the inside to easily find your items
  • Its length and width can be stretched to suit more phones
  • Grips tighter on the handlebar regardless of the terrain
  • Enables you to rotate your phone to a more desirable angle


  • Not suitable for larger phones

2. Whale Fall Bike Phone Holder Bag for 7 Inch Cellphones with Raincover

Do you need a more convenient way of storing your phone and smaller items while riding? Well, the Whale Fall bike phone holder has enough space that enables you to store your gloves, phone, bicycle repair tools and many more. The sun visor allows you to check your phone without any struggles most especially during rainy or sunny days. With sensitive plastic film, you can easily access your phone even with the slightest fingertips. Moreover, it is made water repellent from the outer bag to the zippers to keep your stuff safe during rainy days. Installation is such a pretty easier task thanks to the included 3 magic straps.


  • Has reflective tapes on both sides for more safety
  • Allows you to make calls without removing your phone
  • Highly compatible with most phones below 7 inches
  • Has a capacity of 1.3 litres to hold more items


  • A bit bulky for use on motorcycles

1. Longmate Multifunctional Bike Phone Holder Bag for Road and Mountain Bikes

If you are looking for a bike phone holder bag with more storage, this brand by Longmate is an ideal choice. It features more storage which allows you to store most of your accessories such as a power bank, repair tools, cellphones and many more. On the top of the bicycle frame bag is the sun visor which allows you to check on your screen even during sunny or rainy days. Since it is designed from composite Eva materials and 900D Oxford, you are assured of a waterproof and long-lasting unit. Better still, it has a lightweight and portable design making it more convenient for you to carry it with you to any place of your choice.


  • The repair kit allows you to tackle emergencies easily
  • Assures you of more safety with the bicycle spoke reflector
  • Well designed to avoid rubbing your legs as you ride
  • Includes a mini bike pump to allow you to boost the pressure system


  • Not suitable for those with longer legs

Factors to consider when purchasing a bike phone holder bag

Storage capacity

This is one of the most important factors you should consider before settling on any bike phone holder bag. It should be able to accomplish most of your essential items as you are out riding. These items include your smartphone, keys, wallet, headphones and so on. This means that it should neither be too large nor too small.

Materials used

A good holder bag should be made from high-grade materials for longer usage life. Most of the brands above are designed from composite Eva materials that are well known for their strength and durability. This helps you to save on frequent replacement costs occurring from cheaper materials.

Ease of installation

Considering an easy to install bike phone holder bag brings so much convenience. With this, you need to check the mounting methods available and the one you are well conversant with. Here, you will take the shortest time possible to install it into your bike without requiring any extra tools whatsoever.

Level of safety

It is ideal to go for a waterproof bag to keep your items inside dry and free from any damages. Also, it is wise to go for one with reflective elements to keep you safer during nights and to make other riders aware of your presence. All these ensure that you can ride with peace of mind when the sun gets hotter and it starts raining.


With our guidance above, you are assured to get yourself the best bike phone holder bag. They are equipped with all the necessary features to offer you a safer and better riding experience. Whether it is a mountain or a road bike, you can now easily access your phone as you ride. Depending on your needs, you will be prompted to go for one brand and leave the other. That does not mean that one model is better than the other. They are all well designed to ensure that it meets your needs in the best manner. Go ahead, and make your choice and you never going to regret it.

Happy biking!

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