10 Best Bathtub Mat in Reviews

A shower is important in our homes and we should keep it clean and safe for everyone. Most showers are designed such that they have smooth surfaces with tiles to enable the easy flow of water. However, smooth surfaces can make you slip and fall hence inflicting injuries to your body. To enhance the safety of all your family members, nonslip bath mats are what you need. It not only offers non-slip surfaces for keeping your feet firm on the floor but also makes your room look appealing and lovely.

If you’re searching for a bathtub Mat that fits you or your family members, then, in this review, we’ll walk you out. We understand that having slippery surfaces can cause other detrimental effects to your body, and therefore, all Bathtub Mat we’re going to review emphasizes mostly the safety of your household members including, children, parents, grandparents you included. Without much ado, let’s look at The Best 10 Bath Tub Mat that we’ve selected for you out of the numerous mats in the market.

#1. Yimobra Bathtub Mat

By Yimobra

Looking for a Bath Tub Mat with numerous suction cups with superior design to give stronger adsorption? Yimobra brand promises to end your worries. Featuring a max of 260 big suction cups, that is most effective to hold firmly on a smooth and clean surface. Adding on its beauty and look are the more colors and sizes it comes with that can be comfortably be used for the home, gym bath, and shower.

The thing that makes Yimobra stand out from the other bathtub is the large size of 34.5 x 15.5 inches that gives max coverage. In fact, other mats are too small such that it leaves other regions of your tub exposed. This fascinating bathtub is machine washable thus offering hassle-free maintenance. Leave your tub looking wonderful with this exclusive product.


  • The product is a machine washable
  • Comes with a simple and convenient packaging
  • The material is BPA free and latex-free
  • Have numerous suction cups that hold firmly on the smooth and clean surface


  • Have some places that curl up a bit, but after some time it gets fine

#2.Gabriel Bathtub Mat

By Gabriel Living Museum

Are you yearning to make your bathtub look luxurious while keeping it safe? Gabriel bathtub mat is designed with luxurious material, eco organ-silicone that is completely comfortable and soft keeping you and the rest of your family members safe while showering or bathing. Its 99 suction cups offer a perfect slip-resistance in the shower or tub. Have the perfect mat to provide safety for the children and the elderly right at your home!

This silicone mat is machine washable, more durable, and highly resistant to oxidation, and less prone to cracking and hardening, offers a comfortable way to maintain and store. In addition to that, the materials that make up this product is eco-friendly, made with drainage holes that provide runoff fast with non-toxic and tasteless material. Make your tub look great with Gabriel Bathtub mat today.


  • Offers non-slip performance
  • It can be washed with a machine
  • Made from eco-friendly material
  • Completely soft and durable


  • A bit slippery

#3. Mantto Nonslip Bathtub Mat

By Mantto

Taking shower or a bath is the most enjoyable thing you can always have in your home shower, yet taking a shower without the best Bath mat can endanger your life since you can accidentally fall on the slippery shower floor. That is why we recommend you try Mantto Eco Bathtub Mat which is your best bath shower partner!

Mantto bathtub mats are comfortably cushioned and I am sure with that, you love them. Let your kids, parents, and elderly or disabled to feel not only have the best showering moments but also to feel a sense of care while they bath or shower with the most adorable bathtub mat right here. When it comes to the most reliable bathtub mat you can count on, Mantto has proven itself beyond words with the many outpouring features it have.


  • Does not remove any odor
  • Can be recycled
  • Made from BPA, Latex, phthalate-free material
  • Provides comfortable and soft textured feeling that helps during bathing or showering


  • Does not stick to slightly textured tub

#4. YINENN Bathtub Mat


Aiming at getting the most comfortable and safe showering or bathing moments? You can pass by YINENN Bathtub mat without noticing its conspicuous-looking capability. An anti-slip bath mat with 200 suction cups carefully designed to help hold firmly on smooth and clean surfaces. For this reason, the suction cups provide a 360-degree safety measure for all your household. The biggest of all from this brand measures 40” x 16” subsequently offering excellent tub coverage and the small holes enable water to circulate freely.

Choosing YINENN bathtub mat is not in vain since it is perfect for home, gym, spa, and many more. Designed to offer a massage experience while you enjoy taking a shower at any time. If you are used to machine washing, no need to freak because this mat is machine washable and thus facilitating hassle-free maintenance. Moreover, you can do the washing at your preferred time by simply tossing the mat into the machine which later makes you enjoy the fresh-looking it portrays. As long as you have a shower or a tub, this is the recommended mat you need to acquire.


  • Multifunctional and utility
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Machine washable and durable
  • Non-slip shower mat with numerous suction cups


  • If your bath is small, then this mat will be too long and you’ll need to bend to make it fit

#5. COMUSTER Bathtub Mat


Whether you like standing under the shower or you like to soak in the tub, COMUSTER Bathtub mat will work well for you. As a matter of fact, it’s the best investment you can purchase to provide a non-slip surface to your bathroom. Definitely, fits well to your tub without exposing your bath at an end. Alongside that, this bath mat can either be placed inside the bathtub or outside the bathtub. Likewise, it can be comfortably be used under the sink in the kitchen area.

The reasons we find this mat fits for you is because; the bath mat offers sufficient grips with plenty of suction cups it is endowed with a textured surface thus can work best for your child, parent, or elderly in the shower or tub; once you’ve placed it on the floor, it offers 100% total non-slip surface; you get the right size you need, of course, this brand offers 30% larger mats as compared to the ordinary bathtub mats.


  • Work excellent as a non-slip product
  • Offers massage experience in shower time
  • Machine washable mat
  • Durable and easy to maintain


  • Works well on smooth surfaces

#6. Amazer Bathtub Mat

By Amazer

Have the best showering times using Amazer Bathtub mat that gives a massaging experience under your feet with a relaxed posture. Giving you the ambiance of showering occasionally, Amazer bathtub mat ensures your safety and best moments are guaranteed with its non-slip features. The largest bathtub measures 40” x 16” (L x W) that covers almost the most region of the tub thus making you feel awesome and great on the feet. The right choice you can use in bathtub and shower stalls in gyms, homes, hospitals, hotels, and other living environments.

This mat is made with 200 strong suction cups that ensure the mat securely stick steadily and stay intact with a subtle textured pattern on its surfaces and keeps you against slipping or accidentally falling in the bathtub. Not only do the 176 drainage holes drain off the water out quickly but also ensures the mat is maintained dry and clean at all times.


  • The textured pattern keeps you from slipping into the shower
  • Made from eco-friendly, durable, and safe material
  • Offers a strong grip and keeps you safe
  • BPA, latex-free and does not produce any toxic smell


  • Not cushy but you are safe while standing on it

#7. Baobe Bathtub Mat

By Baobe

Baobe bathtub mat has proven to be a perfect shower or bathtub mat with the fact that it has been made from high-quality material and can easily lay flat from any smooth surface. If you’ve always desired a bathtub mat with more than 300 suction cups, you’ll concur with me that Baobe has gone way out of your expectations with 324 suction cups. The suction cups ensure the mat holds tightly on the floor without shifting position hence your showering moments go interrupted.

What this mat emphasizes is the anti-slip features that ensure you and your kids take a bath in a safe and comfortable environment. Also, be assured to have a massage experience on your feet. Offers an extra-long tub mat with size 39” x 16”, which fits well to the standard bathtub. The most captivating thing about this mat is the fact that it is machine washable, no need to hassle, has over 100 drain holes.


  • Easy to clean and durable
  • A safe and healthy way to take a shower or bath (no mold or mildew)
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Many suction cup provides enhanced grip on the floor preventing slipping


  • Dirt gets stuck under it and it needs a tough scrubbing

#8. DonHill (TM) Bathtub Mat

By DonHill (TM)

Providing the most soothing sensational feeling to your feet while bathing or showering, DonHill bathtub mat is one of the unique and adorable mats you can place in your bathtub or shower. Offers the best ways to keep you and your loved ones safe particularly because it has many suction cups that prevent the mat from moving.

The most thing you like about this mat is that you can use it practically anywhere with a tub. Go with your mat to the local gym, hotel, spa, assisted living facility, hospital, etc. Furthermore, DonHill bathtub mat is mold and mildew resistant because it has holes that ease water drainage from the mat.


  • The mat is versatile, can be used anywhere with a tub
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • BPA free, anti-bacterial, latex-free
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Massage your feet nicely
  • You get a guaranteed safety


  • An individual with sensitive feet may not find it very pleasant

#9. Feirdio Bathtub Mat

By Feirdio

Have you ever desired to have the best bathtub mat that can render it service for long and efficiently? Well, today is your day, we’ve come with Feirdio Bathtub Mat that offers exactly what you need. It is a non-slip mat that features 200 robust suction cups that stick tightly to the smooth surface giving you enjoyable moments while you take your bath or shower. Comes with large size and drainage holes thus enabling it to cover the whole area of the bath and allows free water circulation respectively.

Think of working on other stuff because this mat is machine washable and can save you a lot of time. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, as the cleaning is done automatically at your desired pace. Absolutely, hassle-free maintenance!


  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Prevents accidentally falling or slipping in the bathtub
  • The mat is machine washable
  • The drainage holes make the mat excellent to dry and clean
  • Perfect non-slip material


  • Slippery when it gets wet

#10. Vive XL Bathtub Mat

By Vive

XL rectangular bath mat is designed such that it is lightly textured that adds stability and traction, also is the complete coverage on the tub lowers the risk of unplanned slips and falls while in the shower or the tub. Have multiple small drainage holes that keep off water and soap from settling on the mat.

Vive XL Bathtub Mat is made from latex-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly material. Cleaning this mat should not make you fear because you can clean directly with the machine. It is recommended that you air dry the bath mat completely before working on reinstalling it in the bathtub.


  • Made from latex-free material
  • Provides complete coverage to lower slip and falls
  • Have 200 suction cups to give a stable and firm grip
  • Machine washable mat
  • many small drainage holes prevent water from settling on the mat


  • The bumps in the mat aren’t very comfortable right off

What You Need To Take Into Considerations When Selecting Bathtub Mat

Before we can leave you to make your purchase, here are some of the few things you’ll need to consider to enable your purchase to come out a success.

Slip Resistant Features

If you’re buying a bathtub that will be used occasionally by the elderly at home, anti-slip mats are recommended. Safety is the priority, you wouldn’t like a situation where you purchase a bathtub mat that slides anyhow when one steps on it. Despite being the main reason why we purchase a shower mat, some poor quality offers inadequate slip resistance that might render it unsafe for use.

Ability to Stick

Any shower you select you to stick tightly whenever you place in the tub. This is a true compliment to its slip-resistant thus giving you assurance of your security. The more the suction cups the more the mat exert more pressure to stick firmly.

Mold-Free Lifespan

The material that makes up any shower mat should be durable and can withstand daily water movement. In addition to that, it should enable water to flow smoothly without settling on the mat. Pick a shower mat with mold & mildew resistant bath mat because it will keep your shower room hygienic.


Finally, our well-researched list has more than what you expect, they have are a different number of features yet keeping their negative features to their min level as possible, thus, making them lead the rest is the best bathtub mats on review. All in all, you have the best products to select from, so don’t be worried to check and make your pick! Everything is meant for your good since an organized and tidy shower will not miss a shower mat.