10 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids in Reviews

Kids find basketball as a fun sport to stir up their emotions and enable them to stay fit and healthy. Even so, foot injuries are usually common for those who fail to wear the right footwear on outdoor or indoor courts. So, as a caring parent, if your kid has developed an interest in this sport, it’s your duly duty to get him or her the best basketball shoes. Light up shoes are cook-looking, but they don’t offer the proper cushioning or support the kids require to play. Also, basketball helps your kid to have stronger muscles and improves their skills as they grow.

While it may seem an arduous task to select the best basketball shoes for kids, having the right guide can enable you to grab a choice effortlessly. In that respect, we have decided to make your shopping quite easier. In this review, we present to you the top 10 best basketball shoes for kids in reviews. Read on to get helpful information about these units.

#10. Elaphurus Comfort Sneakers Girls Trainers Boys Basketball Shoe for Little Kids & Teens

Whether you are searching for the best basketball shoe for an indoor or an outdoor league for your kid, Elaphurus basketball shoe is your ultimate solution. With breathable textile upper material, you can expect to get ultra-lightweight support and keeps your kid’s feet dry when walking. The cushioned insole and comfortable lining make it suitable for your kids playing basketball, running, or tennis. Also, the outsole is anti-slip with impact-resistant for improved performance. This shoe is ideal for both boys and girls who have developed an interest in basketball. Besides, it’s fashionable and has trendy colors ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.


  • Suitable for basketball, tennis, driving, jogging, workout, etc.
  • The grooves flex horizontally for flexibility in all directions
  • Anti-collusion feature protects your feet effectively
  • Manufactured to be durable and stylish


  • The high-top portion isn’t sturdy enough

#9. Reebok Bb4500 Hi Kids Rubber Sole Lightweight & Comfortable Basketball Shoe for Kids

If you are looking for a reputable brand basketball shoe for your kids, then the Reebok brand will make your dream come true. It offers excellent support to your kid through all the seasons. They are available in different colors to meet all the needs of any kid. Also, it provides incomparable comfort on kid’s feet because it is well-cushioned. Featuring anti-slip and anti-collusion designs allow you kid to play basketball without the fear of getting injured or straining his or her feet. Besides, it’s cost-friendly yet maintaining its quality. If you think this model is the best for your kid, don’t wait any further, pick it!


  • Offer the best support for your feet and ankle against injury
  • Constructed with high-quality materials for durability
  • Comes in varied colors to meet the needs of all kids
  • The outsole is anti-slip to prevent slipping


  • Not good for a broken ankle

#8. AND1 Kids Show Out Superior Comfort Lightweight EVA Midsole Basketball Shoe for Kids

ANDI1 basketball shoes are all your kid’s need to keep your kid’s feet fresh and free from odor no matter how long you are in them. Also, these shoes have a lightweight midsole that keeps kids more stable, whereas offering the comfort that they desire. The lacing system has durable straps that keep the feet secured to the shoes for an entire day. Also, the outer sole has the best grip ever to keep kids safe from sliding during sudden landings. Kids will love being in them because of their reduced; thus, they would get playing without feeling their weight. They are an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your kiddo this coming season.


  • Easy to put them on and remove as it has a lacing system
  • Has a good ankle support system to avoid ankle strains
  • Made breathable to keep you from sweating or odors
  • Designed from high materials for a longer useful life


  • The high ankle support makes it hard to put them at times

#7. BEITA High Tops Sneakers Anti-Skid Outdoor & Indoor Basketball Shoe for Both Boys & Girls

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor activity, your baby girl will love to be in BEITA basketball shoes because of their outstanding performance. These shoes are from high-quality leather materials that are durable to withstand any harsh rubbing or folding. They have a premium lining from soft mesh fabrics that keeps you comfortable whereas keeping your feet fresh. The outer rubber sole is designed with an X traction pattern to keep you safe from sliding in slippery or sandy surfaces. Besides, they can be worn when running, traveling, jogging, mountaineering, driving, riding, casual wear, and many other outdoor events.


  • Takes the shape of your kid’s feet since they have rounded forefeet
  • Well-cushioned arch support to support your kid for longer hours
  • Has high ankle support to keep kids’ ankles safe from injuries
  • Reduces feet fatigue because they are lightweight


  • The size chart can be confusing to some people

#6. Under Armour BPS Lockdown Breathable & Lightweight Durable Boy's 3 Basketball Shoe

If you are looking for high-quality basketball shoes, going for Under Armour is a prudent idea. They are from synthetic and textile materials; thus, your kid assured of a longer-lasting shoe. The rubber sole has a reasonable traction force to keep your kid safe on slippery surfaces. Your kid is guaranteed a comfortable play as the synthetic mesh upper is breathable and lightweight. Furthermore, they have high-quality leather overlays to keep kids stable regardless of how long they wear them. With a well-cushioning around the ankle collar area, ankle strains will be prevented for an added comfort.


  • The EVA sock liner has excellent cushioning to support underfoot
  • Has an adjustable lace-up system to securely lock kids’ feet
  • Well-designed for a stylish and modern look when in them
  • Durable as they are from high-grade materials


  • Less color choose from

#5. Under Armour 3020949 GPS JET 2018 Cushioning for Comfort Basketball Shoe for Kids

If you are looking for lightweight basketball shoes for your kid, then it’s all offered by the Under Armour model. These shoes weigh 7oz which makes them light for your kids when playing. It is from high-quality leather and rubber materials that last long. The upper mesh is well ventilated to allow a free flow of air in and out of your shoes. Also, it easy to put on or remove this pair because it has a pull tab at the rear part. Your kid is assured of a whole day’s comfort because of a heavily padded tongue and a well-cushioned ankle collar. The footbed is also well cushioned to avoid wear and tears, thus a longer usage life.


  • The sock liner has an antibacterial cloth to reduce odors
  • Has a mesh tongue to keep your feet during a hot day
  • Offers perfect since it has a lace-up construction
  • The outer sole has good traction to avoid sliding


  • One should order one size up to avoid a tight shoe

#4. JMFCHI High Top Durable Lace-up Non-Slip Kid's Basketball Shoe for Little Kids & Big Kids

Girls love it when in some stylish sneakers, JMFCHI basketball sneakers have a unique print that gives them a unique design. It has a high-quality rubber sole that is durable and has a reasonable traction force to avoid slipping when playing. These shoes are from leather materials that are also long, lasting, and easy to clean. Not only can they be worn when playing basketball but also when traveling, walking, jogging, riding, and many other outdoor activities. Your kid will always feel comfortable no matter the time they wear them because they have a soft insole. Finally, the toe box is spacious for enough room for your kid’s feet to breathe, thus preventing sweating.


  • The heel shield is perfectly molded to prevent ankle injuries
  • Well-cushioned to hold your kid comfortably for a whole day
  • Designed from PU materials making them water-resistant
  • Available in a wide range of sizes for a perfect fit


  • They transfer dyes to bright colored socks

#3. Adidas Ownthegame Wide Synthetic Sole Mid-Top from Arch Comfort Kid's Basketball Shoe

Adidas basketball shoes are well-loved by parents and kids for their outstanding performance. They are from synthetic materials that are long-lasting and comfortable to wear. With the right size, this pair fits your kid’s feet perfectly. Also, they have a full width to support kids with wider, medium, or regular feet size. The rubber outsole allows your kid to play comfortably without sliding as it has a high traction force. They feature a lacing system to keep your kid’s feet secured to the shoes at all times when playing or walking in them. Finally, the midsole foam offers you great lading playing; thus, you will always feel comfortable in these shoes no matter how rough the game is.


  • Comes in different size that fit children between the age 4-12 years
  • Lightweight, thus you can carry them from place to place
  • Has a sound ventilation system to prevent foot odors
  • Easy to clean as it of smooth materials at the top


  • Doesn’t support kids above the age of 12 years

#2. Nike D 9 Grade Kid's Team Hustle Lightweight Leather Upper Support School Basketball Shoe

You have peace of mind when you know your kid has worn high-quality wears, thanks to Nike basketball shoes. It has a rubber sole that is made non-slip, durable, and supports your kid more comfortably. The midsole offers the best cushioning, whereas keeping your shoes light enough for an available game. Additionally, it has a leather upper that provides proper ventilation to ensure that your kid’s feet stay cool. Your kid is assured of a secure and perfect fit as it has a mid-foot hook and loop strap that keeps your feet locked to the shoes. It is ideal for kids up to the age of 12 years.


  • Has a flexible foam midsole that holds your kid’s feet comfortably
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit different kids
  • You can lace it up for a more secure and a comfy fit
  • It is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your kids


  • A bit narrow for those kids with wider feet

#1. Nike Lebron SFG Soldier Laceless Flexible Inner Sleeve Rip top Upper Basketball Shoe for Kids

Your kid can now take up his or her game to the next level with more experience with Nike basketball shoes. This wear has its outsole made of a high-quality rubber that is non-slip to keep your kid safe from slipping. It also has a laceless closure system with two high-quality straps for a secure fit. The inner sleeve is flexible to allow the collar to expand quickly for a comfortable fit. Moreover, it has an extended collar to add more to its comfort. Your kid is assured of safer landings when the midsole foam is reinforced with zoom in the air unit. With a medium or regular width, this shoe will accommodate most kids with different sizes of feet.


  • The upper part is stretchy to support your feet comfortably
  • Has a lightweight foam cushion for a more convenient play
  • Offers perfect security since it has an adjustable slip-lock
  • Available in different sizes and colors for the best choice


  • It’s most suitable for boys

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids


This factor is the most important when it comes to selecting the best basketball shoes for kids. No matter the style, the look, the kid will be unhappy, uncomfortable, and even unsafe if the shoes don’t fit them snugly. Keep in mind that basketball is involving and exerts more pressure on your ankles, feet, and knees. You should ensure the shoes fit your kid correctly for a more comfortable gaming experience.


The next factor to consider is the way a pair of shoes handles wear and tear. And because basketball is played for a long, the shoes you pick for your kid should be able to withstand the playing time. Even though these shoes can be still be worn when they age, they tend to become less safe because of support, absorption benefits, and a decent start to fade. Therefore, it’s considerable to go for a durable pair.


Anything that adds stress on a kid’s feet should be avoided as much as possible. Find a pair that delivers maximum ankle support while allowing for free movement. While you look for the pair that supports your kid’s comfortable, it’s also essential to consider the movement effort. It easy to choose from our list because we’ve put support as part of our consideration.


Of course, the other common factor but worth consideration is the price. You should consider this aspect after you’ve ensured that all other factors have been met. Remember, cheaper models don’t offer all the expected needs, and even expensive ones don’t guarantee quality. Still to your budget and requirements, and sure enough, you come across a choice that matches your needs.


We have offered you the top-ranked basketball shoes for kids, and your work now is to choose the most suitable for your kid. With the right basketball shoe, your kid can game on the court comfortable, flexible, and perfectly without injuring his or her feet. Safeguard your kid from being wounded or stressing the ankles and feet by ensuring you purchase the best basketball shoe for him or her. And if you want your selection process to be easy, it prudent to choose wisely and go for top-notch basketball shoes for kids like the one we listed above.