10 Best Baby Wet Wipes in Reviews

Getting the wet baby wipes for your infant is among the first wise decisions you can make as a parent. As you know, babies have sensitive and ultra-soft skin; they need to be pampered with the best baby wipes. You should get a unit that can protect the delicate skin of your baby, sacrificing the hygiene factors. These gears are essential to wipe the baby’s bottom during diaper changer time, clean food spills when feeding, and wiping the baby’s face and even hands.

Choosing these products sometimes can be confusing because there are many options available in the market. However, we’ve made your selection quite easy by putting forth a list of the top ten best baby wet wipes in the market. Go through the buyer’s guide below the list to have a greater insight into what you’re about to purchase. Let’s kick-off.

#10. Whoopsie Wipes 100% Pure Cotton Soft & Sensitive Extra-Strong & Absorbent Baby Wipes

These wipes by Whoopsie is from 100% pure cotton and are very useful for your baby’s sensitive skin. Compared to the traditional packaged wipes, these new wet wipes are chemicals- and preservative-free which could have caused redness, diaper rash, and irritation. These wet baby wipes are multi-purpose – can be used during mealtime, diaper changes, for runny noses, or nursing. Better yet, they can be used as an alternative to your household tissue set. These units come dry, but you can add water to make your chemical-free wet wipe. It’s ideal for all your young ones’ messes!


  • Perfectly fit into the wipe warmer for hassle-free carrying
  • Thick and tough to wipes baby’s messes with ease
  • The purest product and cost-effective
  • They are super durable


  • They aren’t super-soft

#9. BETS & EMY 540 Count 99.9% Water & 0.1% Citrus Extract American-Mom Baby Wet Wipes

BETS & EMY is an American-based company that produces reliable and trusted baby wet wipes. The soft and durable wipes will enable you to handle your baby effortlessly when changing a diaper or during feeding time. If your baby has sensitive skin, then you need to invest in this fragrance-free brand. It has gain popularity in the world because of its practicality – most parents know the importance of purchasing this choice. Since they are strong, they are capable of offering you long-lasting use. And it’s backed with National Eczema Association and EWG to prevent ingredients of concern, good manufacturing practices, and full transparency.


  • The package is practical since it doesn’t have a bulky plastic opening
  • Approved by EWG for good manufacturing practice
  • Soft & durable hypoallergenic wipes for your baby
  • Design, tested, used, and recommended by moms
  • Keeps your baby safe and clean


  • Great natural option but not thick enough

#8. Baby Dove 600 Count Bulk Pack Soft & Lovely FDA-Approved Rich Moisture Baby Wet Wipes

There has never been a soft and lovely to use wet baby wipes like the Baby Dove brand. It can save you a lot of money since it comes in a 12 pack that can last you long. Also, it’s a beautiful gift for a baby shower, newborn baby, or a new parent. Besides, it has a pleasant smell that makes your baby feel happy. Additionally, it wipes dirt, food particles, and runny noses of the little one in a flexible manner. With a durable and soft surface, these wet wipes wouldn’t break apart when cleaning your baby, hence offers reliable service. For guaranteed performance and safety, these wet baby wipes are FDA-approved.


  • They are reliable and safe units for wiping your baby
  • Has a pleasant smell that makes your baby feel good
  • Cost-effective and efficient baby wet wipes
  • Come in a pack of 12 that can last long


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

#7. WaterWipes 720 Count Unscented Baby Wet Wipes for Sensitive & Newborn Baby Skin

As you know, the baby’s skin is much more delicate than yours. Therefore, cleaning or wiping should be done using the purest and gentlest elements possible. And for that reason, WaterWipes is an incomparable wet wipe that can pamper your baby in the best way possible. They are moisturized with softened and purified water and a small drop of grapefruit seed extract. Also, these wipes are the best choice for a baby’s sensitive skin. Since they’re hypoallergenic, this package doesn’t irritate the skin whatsoever. Even better, it’s backed by an award from The National Eczema Association of American Seal of Acceptance since 2018. It’s ideal for infant, premature and newborn skin.


  • A perfect option for diaper changing, babyface cleaning, etc.
  • Gentle enough to premature, infant, and newborn skin
  • Ideal for sensitive skin because it’s fragrance-free
  • It’s clean and straightforward baby wet wipes


  • The wet baby wipes are too small

#6. Cottonelle GentlePlus 6 Packs 252 Count Flushable Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe & Vitamin E

If you need a superior clean that is also gentle, fresh, and effective, go for Cottonelle GentlePlus flushable wipes. This unit has a cleaning ripples texture that makes cleaning even better. These wipes are 100 percent flushable and get rid of odor-causing bacteria. Additionally, it provides a large and a dual-layer wipe to clean efficiently as compared to when using dry toilet paper alone. It’s enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E, which makes it 2X more effective than the leading brand and safe to be used on sensitive skin. Look no further for the most reliable wipes for daily use than these exemplary wipes.


  • Have cleaning ripples texture that offers superior cleaning
  • Made from fiber that is 100% biodegradable
  • They’re #1 flushable wipes in the market
  • The unit is sewer-safe and septic safe


  • Very gentle but somewhat fragile

#5. Honest 576 Count 99% Water Pure & Gentle Plant-Based Durable Baby Wet Wipes

Be assured; Honest baby wet wipes offer you a convenient way of cleaning your baby and disposing of the wipes with ease. And because it plant-based and hypoallergenic choice, it doesn’t pollute the environment at all. From the messy fingers and wet bottoms to gunked-up toys and sticky counters, this wipe can work it all. Better yet, they come in different sizes and cute prints to deal with all messes at home. It’s compact and can seamlessly fit into your purse for on the go. Moreover, they are charming and can be used as a design statement. Furthermore, these wipes are ultra-soft, thick, and durable.


  • Embossed & interlocked for extra-loft for easy dispensing
  • Made without alcohol, parabens, and no-fragrance
  • They are gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • The wipes are ultra-thick and durable


  • It’s not ideal for sensitive skin

#4. Pampers 864 Count Hypoallergenic & Unscented Sensitive Water-Based Baby Diaper Wipes

If you’re handling Pampers Swaddlers diapers, then consider choosing Pampers Sensitive wipes. These wipes are durable and thicker, ideal for sensitive skin with pH balance. It includes eight pop-top packs and four refill packs. With a pH balanced, these wipes protect your delicate skin by keeping the skin’s natural pH with each wipe. It offers a reliable and comfortable way of changing diapers and clean messes after feeding with ease. Pampers baby wipes contain no phenoxyethanol, perfume, alcohol, dyes or parabens. This package has more than enough wipes to ensure your baby stays safe and clean at all times.


  • It’s easy to peel the flip-top off an empty pouch
  • They’re perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin
  • Cost-effective wet wipes of all times
  • These wipes are so soft and gentle


  • They’re not wet wipes

#3. Aveeno Baby 25 Count Fragrance-Free Baby Hand & Face Baby Wipes w/Oat& Aloe Extract

These wipes by Aveeno is suitable to clean the baby’s hand and face in a gentle and pliable way. It can cleanse and moisturize your baby’s delicate skin. Besides, they wipe your baby with no residue left behind. It’s backed by an award from National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. These units are enriched with soothing aloe, oat extract, and mild cleansers and moisturizers, making them safe for everyday use. Both pediatricians and dermatologists recommend this brand, therefore, you should choose this brand without any fear. Besides, these wipes are soap-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free; hence your baby’s safety is guaranteed.


  • Thoroughly recommended by dermatologist and pedestrian
  • These wipes are ideal for all over and everyday use
  • Contain aloe and oat-extract to suit sensitive skin
  • Gently cleanses with no unwanted residue left


  • Not suitable for infant babies

#2. Mum&You Biodegradable & Compostable Plastic-Free 672 Count 98% Water Baby Wet Wipes

Mum&You baby wet wipes are made with 98% water and zero plastic. It’s very soft and smooth to the skin because it’s from pure cotton and water. These wipes are durable, long, and convenient. The cloth-like fabric is robust and will not break apart that easily. If you’re looking for the best baby wipes to change your baby’s diaper, then this is a brand that will take care of your need effortlessly. They’re also large enough to cover your hand and fits most changing bags. They come in sets of 12 packs each having 56 wet wipes. Don’t hesitate to go for one of the above units if you find one that meets your baby’s needs.


  • They are from natural plant-based ingredients
  • Suitable for premature, infant, newborn skin
  • Offers ultimate kindness to your baby’s skin
  • Made from 100% biodegradable materials


  • Seems a bit too wet for some individuals

#1. Munchkin 36 Pack White Arm & Hammer Safely Clean Pacifiers Bottles & Cups 100% Food Grade

If you thought, the previous wet wipes are the best then wait until you come across this superb option by Munchkin Arm and Hammer pacifier wipes. These units are suitable for cleaning babies’ favorite pacifiers and teething toys. Whether you’re on the go or at home, this convenient pack of 36 wipes is the best choice. It cleans bottles, teething toys, pacifiers, cups, etc. quicker and safer. Moreover, they don’t contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol in them. What’s more, it comes in a compact size that makes it perfect for keeping in the diaper bag. Additionally, it’s excellent for its price!


  • Safely cleans bottles, cups, pacifiers, and teething toys
  • Made from 100% food-grade material
  • Ideal for cleaning breast pump parts
  • Easy and safe for on the go use


  • Useful but wipes are very small

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Baby Wet Wipes


Of course, you should not go for overly thin baby wipes. If you do, you not like how the work it does. Truly, thicker is way better than the thinner options, more so if they’re textured a bit since they can collect messes in a better way.

Sensitive Skin Formula

In case you have sensitive skin, then there’s a high chance that your infant will too, and if that’s true, then you want to purchase a brand that is tailored for sensitive skin. In that respect, you need to read the label on the package to ascertain that it meets your specific needs.


Well, not all brands that manufacture wet baby wipes have the same quality, and it for that reason why we implore you to settle with a brand that has as many reviews as possible. While doing so, don’t let your mind to be hooked on one brand. However, the selections we’ve presented to you entails competitive brands.

Scented or Unscented

Your baby will never care what their bottom smells, and it’s your preference as a parent to decide whether you’ll opt for the scented or unscented wipes. But just to make it clear, scented wipes tends to contain ingredients that are not important in wiping your baby. They might also irritate the baby’s skin.

Safety of Ingredients

The ingredients that are used in manufacturing the wet baby wipes should be organic and natural. Avoid as much as possible those options with non-organic substances. Safety of your child is more important than anything else, ensure to check out this aspect.


The products, as mentioned above, are the ideal options concerning strength, ingredients, ease of use and their general quality. And as a parent to need to know what best suits your baby before purchasing wet baby wipes. Keep in mind that baby’s skin is susceptible and soft, choose wet baby wipes that wouldn’t irritate the baby’s skin. Read through this review and make your judgment at the end of it. The pros and cons available on each product will enable you to make a well-informed decision and saves yourself the hassle of rummaging through the market for the best baby wipes. Give your baby the care he or she deserves at all times!