10 Best Baby Push Walkers in Review

Newborn babies are a blessing to anyone’s life but keeping them healthy will not be an easy task. Among the accessories that you will need as the kid grows up will be the baby push walkers. This piece allows the kid to learn how to stand and also walk with confidence while preventing them from falling off. The good thing about these accessories is that they not only teach the kid how to walk while but also introduce them to basic skills such as alphabets, colors, and shapes as well.

Choosing the best baby push walker will not be a simple task now that there is a flood in the market. You will, therefore, need to set aside time to do research before making up your mind. That will be a time-consuming task and it is for that reason why we took that responsibility. In this post, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best baby push walkers that you will find in the market today. Just go through the review since it will help you know the best baby walker for your toddler.

#10. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Baby Walker

We begin this review with this product that comes win a frustration-free package that is also very easy to open. The good thing about this baby walker is that it offers two modes of playing where your kid can sit and play or stand and walk. Since it has been made by a reputable brand, you need to purchase with confidence.

You will also appreciate that it has more than 75 songs as well as phrases that introduce the kid to colors, alphabets, and shapes. The easy-grasp handles, on the other hand, will greatly help the kid make their first steps with no assistance. This baby walker will be ideal for kids aged between 6 and 36 months.


  • The item arrives in a frustration-free and easy-to-open package that is completely recyclable
  • This is a musical infant toy that has two ways to play as the kid grows
  • It comes with easy-grasp handles to aid in the kid’s first steps with seven hands-on activities
  • Bilingual learning content that changes according to the age of the baby or the stage


  • Lacks a locking mechanism on the wheels

#9. WowWee Pinkfong Melody Walker

Your toddler is basically going to love this walker either for walking around or basically sitting down and playing. Once the kid stops walking, the song will consequently stop as well. This, therefore, motivates the kid to keep walking in order for the music to continue playing.

The walker comes with 5 different buttons that will each play a different song. What’s more, it has a 4-wheel base to allow the kid to gain a better balance. If you are looking to instill motor and sensory skills in your kid, this is the best toy you will want to invest in.


  • Your toddler will basically love the melody walker aiding them to walk around or sit and play
  • When the kid stops walking, the song stops immediately which will motivate the kid to take another step
  • Buttons will light up and play songs which make the toy very fun for your small kid
  • Adjustable volume & batteries have been included in the package


  • Quits working after a short time

#8. LeapFrog Scout's Walker

This product basically grows with the kid by transforming from an activity panel into a walker with its speed control feature. You will also appreciate that it comes with three modes to play the sound effects and the melodies. With this baby walker, you are going to introduce shapes, colors, and alphabets to your kid.

The baby walker comes with interactive features in order to instill fine motor skills in the kid. What’s more, it comes with 5 piano keys and some dangling toys for ultimate fun. The customizable wheels, on the other hand, can be easily set at varying speeds in order to match the ability levels of the kid.


  • The product will grow with the kid and basically convert into a walker having speed controls
  • It comes with interactive features that will enhance fine motor skills and have 5 piano keys
  • The customizable wheels are very easy to set at varying speeds to match the abilities of your kid
  • Color-changing lights in 6 different colors in order to enhance learning and music


  • Few manufacturing defects

#7. VTech Sit, Stand Baby Walker (Amazon Exclusive)

This is a 3-in-1 toy that will perfectly and easily transform from an activity panel into a baby walker depending on the kid’s stage. It has more than 60 songs and melodies that will keep the kid entertained throughout. They also help to introduce the kid to alphabets, colors, and shapes as well.

With an adjustable mirror and a roller bar, your kid will be equipped with the basic knowledge that they deserve to know. For this walker to operate, it will need 2AA batteries which you will need to purchase. If your kid is aged between 9 and 36 months, this product will be ideal for them.


  • This is a 3-in-1 toy that will grow with the kid and basically transform from being an activity panel into a walker
  • Comes with an adjustable mirror and a rolling bar in order to encourage a manipulative play
  • This product requires 2 AA batteries and has been made for kids aged from 9 months all the way to 3 years
  • The activity panel will put the little one at the driver’s seat with the steering wheel for ultimate fun


  • Might come with missing parts

#6. Disney Safety 1St Developmental Walker, One Size

These developmental toys for kids come with a wide range of activities for the small ones. You will, for instance, appreciate the fact that it comes with 12 charming songs and a flashing light. Additionally, it allows you to adjust the height in three different positions for convenience.

The good thing about this baby walker is that it has been thoroughly tested to make sure that it gives the best fit for the kids. You will also appreciate that it comes with a very wide base that is responsible for its superior stability. What’s more, its activity tray will be very easy to wipe clean.


  • This is an adjustable baby walker that comes in three different heights and has been tested to give the best fit
  • It comes with a very wide base in order to give the best and most superior stability
  • The product is free from crevices with an easy-to-wipe activity tray
  • Module with twelve charming songs and a flashing light for ultimate fun


  • The feet don’t reach the floor

#5. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy - Amazon Exclusive

This is yet another baby product that comes from one of the best brands today. The good thing is that it comes at a relatively affordable price for people who will be on a budget. You will also like the wide wheelbase that guarantees very sturdy support.

Another great feature that you will appreciate about this product is that it simply converts from a baby walker into a ride-on toy. It has also been equipped with a head and ears that wiggle as the kid rides on to add to the fun. With more than 50 learning phrases and tunes, your kid will have the basic skills.


  • Comes with a wide wheelbase to give sturdy support to the toddler
  • The product will easily convert from a walker into the ride-on mode
  • The head and ears will wiggle as the kid pushes and rides along
  • There are more than fifty learning, phrases, and tunes


  • Design flaws

#4. labebe - 4 Wheels Baby Walker - Red Fire Truck

This product comes in a 2-in-1 design in that it acts like a baby walker and toy storage at the same time. The kid can sit and play or stand and walk with the product depending on the growth stage. If your kid is just learning to make their first steps, this is the best gift you can bring them.

Another thing that makes this product worth buying is that it has a rubber ring and a broad base to make sure that your floors remain well protected. With its 4 wheels, on the other hand, your kid will be able to maintain balance. You will also appreciate that this product is very strong and has a very simple assembly.


  • This is an activity baby walker that has two modes of playing either sitting or standing
  • The walker comes with a rubber ring and a broad base to make sure that your floor remains protected
  • It is a very good option to help the kids practice standing without any assistance
  • This is a sturdy walker that has a very simple assembly using a screwdriver


  • It May comes with missing parts

#3. cozy Wooden Baby Walker (37 Pcs) - Updated Version

This is a wooden walker that will help the babies to learn and practice how to walk. It has been made in a very cute model with 36 forest themes. You will also appreciate that there are various patterns including snail, panda, mushroom, and others that seem attractive to the kid.

Another great feature that you will appreciate about this product is that it has rubber-trimmed wheels that will greatly help in protecting the floors. Being made with high-quality wooden materials, you will appreciate that this toy will basically serve you for the longest period of time.


  • The wooden walker toy will flawlessly help the kid learn how to walk with no assistance
  • It has been carefully designed with some rubber-trimmed wheels that will protect the floors
  • Made with high-quality wood that makes it firm and durable and keeps the kid-safe
  • Buy with confidence since this product comes with guaranteed customer satisfaction


  • Difficult assembly

#2. Baby Einstein Walker w/ Wheels and Activity Center

If you are looking to have your kids make their first steps in an effortless manner, this is the walker that you need to buy. You will appreciate that it comes with a removable toy station that includes lights, melodies as well as fun sounds. You also will be happy to realize that the product comes at a very affordable price.

Another great feature that people like about the baby walker is that it can be adjusted in three different height options. This is, therefore, an indication that the baby walker will grow with the kid. It has also been equipped with a very comfortable seat pad that will be very easy to clean.


  • A removable toy station including lights, melodies as well as fun sounds
  • Comes with 2 extra loops for the kid’s favorite toys
  • The product will ship in a fully enclosed package
  • It can be easily adjusted into three different heights as the kid grows


  • It is a bit flimsy

#1. Bright Starts Walker for 6 Months+

Finally, in this review, we have this baby walker that offers the kids up to three ways to play. You will also enjoy the convenience of adjusting the height of this baby walker depending on the needs of the bay. It also comes in varying color options that one can pick from.

The high seatback design for this product greatly helps to ensure that the kid remains very comfortable on the walker. The seat cushion will also be very easy to clean now that it is machine washable. Another great thing that this baby walker prides itself on is that it can be folded down for easy storage and transportation too.


  • The product offers three modes of playing and can be adjusted in three different heights as the kid grows
  • Comes with a removable steering wheel to allow for much fun as the baby rides on the floor
  • Features a high seat back to provide support and comfort to the kid
  • The product folds down easily for simple storage and portability especially for people with limited space


  • Not ideal for carpeted floors

Factors to consider when buying baby push walkers


If you have decided to introduce your kid to baby walkers to make their first steps, you must think about the stability of the walker. That will be the only way to guarantee the safety of the young ones as they make their first stride. You need to choose models that come with a wide base in order to distribute the weight in an even manner.


If you are looking for a durable baby walker, you will need to have a look at the type of materials used to make it. Make sure that the walker has been made with sturdy materials that will support the rigorous use on a daily basis. A wooden walker will be the most ideal for people who are looking for a long term walker. You will also find quality baby walkers made of good quality plastic.


There will be nothing important to the safety of your kid. As much as you want your kid to learn how to walk, you will need them to do so in the safest way possible. One of the essential factors to keep in mind will be the speed control system since it helps to limit the speed of the kid. In that way, you will be able to limit the speed of the baby. You also need to check whether it comes with a safety harness for extra safety.


These are the best baby push walkers according to our team of researchers. As you can see, there are so many options available in the market and if you are a new buyer, you are likely to get overwhelmed. All the same, after reading through this review, the experience will never be the same since you will have time to compare the different products. That way, it will be possible to arrive at a better conclusion without wasting too much time. We also listed some essential features that you will need to consider when buying to make sure that you make a decision that you will never regret later. Just choose your best baby walker from the above list and place the order right away!