10 Best Arcade Basketball Games in Reviews

Arcade basketball games are a number-one table game that’s very desirable because it offers a convenient room for indoor gaming. It’s even more exciting when one plays with family or friends. This kit is essential because one will be in a position to interact with the whole of his or her family. It’s, however, a necessity for one to choose the appropriate basketball arcade games to suit one’s family. You should be careful not to fall prey to those poor qualities and cheaply-made basketball arcade games.

Choosing the best basketball arcade game, especially if you’re an amateur, might seems more complicated than you thought. These gaming units come with multiple features that can overwhelm a person who is not conversant with them. Because of that, we’ve decided to help you out. We’ve compiled a well-researched array of the top 10 best basketball arcade games for you to consider. Let’s start!

#10. Saturnpower Foldable Electronic Double Shootout 2 Player w/4 Balls Basketball Arcade Game

If fun and enjoyment are part of your life necessities, don’t hesitate to check what Saturnpower sport squad jump shot pro basketball game has for you in-store. Your friends and family will feel fully entertain with this gaming arcade because it comes with exciting features all around it. First, it comes with eight different game selections; you can choose the one that best offers you the best basketball gaming experience. And because it’s from superior quality materials, you’re guaranteed an authentic bounce and durability. Even better, multiple users can play without compromising on its accuracy since it has dual baskets with precise hoop sensors. What’s more, it has an electronic scoreboard with LED readouts that displays score, game mode, and time.


  • Uses infrared optical sensor to offer accurate scoring
  • It can fold up easily for easy storage and save space
  • Built with eight different gaming options for endless fun
  • Has thicker & sturdier backboard for long-term use


  • It takes time to put together

#9. Smartxchoices 8-in-1 2-Player Dual LED Scoreboard w/4 Balls Indoor Arcade Basketball Game

Are you looking for something active and entertaining to do indoors? Or you simply need something to stir up your emotions with your family and friends? Smartxchoices basketball arcade game is an exciting game that everyone can take part in, challenge anybody who comes visiting. In case you want to have fun and play a friendly competition, then look no further than this entertaining unit. Even better, if you have a basement in your home, don’t hesitate to have this kit as soon as you can. With different options to choose from, your kids can select what game they want to take part in and the audio they want to listen to. It’s strong-made and be assured; it will entertain you as much as you need.


  • Built with an accurate scorer system that displays scores
  • Has different gaming options to suit different needs
  • Folding design makes it portable & saves on space
  • The sturdy frame makes this unit to last


  • The assembly moves back a bit with every ball thrown

#8. Brakites Toddler Outdoor/Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade Game Toy Training System for Kids

Brakites basketball hoop arcade game will enable you to have the fun of endless entertainment with your friends, kids, and family. Whether it’s added to the recreational room, garage, basement, or garage, it works perfectly as a source of active entertainment moments. The frame of this toddler’s unit is from superior quality material to ensure it offers many years of entertainment. You can assemble this kit in step-by-step instructions set out without the need for any extra tool. And since it’s foldable, you can easily store it after use. And it’s even the best way of breaking the kid’s passive habits of watching TV or playing computer games, hence enhancing their growth and development.


  • Come with all accessories required to set up the arcade
  • It’s foldable for hassle-free storage and saves on space
  • Has a lightweight design for easy handling
  • Excellent sports toys for children at home
  • The unit is suitable for many places


  • It’s still new in the market

#7. ZENY 4 Basketballs Foldable 2-Player LED Scoreboard Electric Basketball Arcade Game Sport

You’ll never get enough of the ZENY basketball arcade game. It creates one of a kind gaming experience in the comfort of your home. Additionally, family fun has never been this thrilling and captivating thanks to this novel basketball arcade game set! It features powder-coated steel, nylon basketball net, a sturdy steel frame, and two-heavy-duty pro-style rims for assured durability. For accurate and fast scoring, it has an electronic scorer with dual display and infrared optical sensors, thus adding fun to the competition. The thrilling sound effects will make gaming more entertaining and amusing.


  • Built with superior materials for long-lasting use
  • Foldable design saves you a lot of space
  • Ideal for rooms games, parties for kids
  • Offer accurate and fast scoring
  • It’s easy to assemble


  • It doesn’t stay in place

#6. Happy Dueks Kids Indoor Sports Toys Arcade Basketball Hoop Game w/Hoop Training System

If you find it hard to tame your kids who are always on computer games and seated on the couch, we’ve got your back. Happy Dueks kids arcade basketball game will keep your kids entertained while keeping them active. This alternative offers your kids fun while enhancing family interaction. The kit is made using premium-quality materials that wouldn’t break that easily. Also, the unique net design is more stable and offers a safer experience for your kid. Additionally, setting up this unit is very easy, since it comes will step-by-step instructions. Set this ingenious and novel game to make your kid enjoy endless fun!


  • It can help kid’s develop motor skills & hand-eye coordination
  • You can disassemble it with easy to save more space
  • Both kids and grownups can have endless fun
  • It’s easy to put together and use


  • Expensive for the size & quality but it’s fun

#5. Majik Arcade 3-in-1 Sports Center for Baseball Football & Basketball LCD Auto-Electronic Scoring

This game is sure to keep the entire family entertained for long hours. Majik arcade 3-in-1 comes with three games to choose from that brings non-stop fun. So if you like arcade basketball, baseball, or football, your needs are sorted with this one kit. Throw for the touchdown, shoot the game-winning basket or get the strikeout! It features a real arcade LCD screen automatic electronic scoring; at no point will you lose focus of the action. The cheering stadium sounds will bring the roar of the crowd just right into your home so you can be the hero. This play station is sure to be an exceptional gift for any young sports family or fan.


  • The price is friendly compared to similar products
  • The sound effects are captivating and cheerful
  • Perfect gift for any young sports fan or family
  • Large enough size for adults to enjoy


  • Great but require tons of assembly

#4. Pop-A-Shot Durable Construction Near 100% Scoring Accuracy Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Pop-A-Shot, which brought the arcade basketball game, brings a revolutionary and fully interactive dual home shot. It’s constructed using superior quality 1 ½-inch steel tubing powder coated to lower rusting. Also, it features an extra-thick backboard and reliable nylon ramp; hence it can withstand many years of regular use. More interestingly, it comes with more durable rims than ever before, while the revised sensor placement boost accuracy. The readily accessible control panel has 16 different games with six audio options to offer endless choices for many years of fun play. What’s more, the height of the game can be adjustable to suit your needs perfectly. The game is driven by AC adapters or batteries and has wheels for easy transportation.


  • Six audio options offer interactive gameplay for hours
  • The presence of wheels makes it easy to be transported
  • Constructed from high-quality materials that last
  • Offer incredibly accurate scores


  • Assembling take more time but the results are impressive

#3. Nova Microdermabrasion 2-Player Double Shot Foldable Indoor Basketball Arcade Game w/4 Balls

You have all reasons to smile thanks to this Nova Microdermabrasion indoor basketball arcade game that will offer you an active entertainment time. If you’re a basketball enthusiast, you should not end your gaming in the gym or the court, bring it home using this heavy-duty metal tubing construction arcade. The unit is foldable to enable you to save more space and to fit into most trucks for hassle-free transportation. Setting up also is very simple, which can take not more than 2 minutes. You can play this game in the basement, recreation room, and even playroom.


  • Built with an electronic scoreboard for accurate score readings
  • Has eight different game mode for limitless fun & competition
  • Made from durable materials for years of frequent use
  • It can easily fold away for saving on space


  • The instructions left out the installation of the switch sensors

#2. Rally &Roar Shootout Basketball Arcade Game Home Dual Shot 8-Option for Basement & Room

At times you might want to stay most of your time indoors, but you lack an active activity to do. Here it comes, Rally & Roar dual net basketball shootout Toy, you’re assured to enjoy an exciting and challenging moment of arcade games without the need to leave your home. It features a sturdy backboard that has double lamination for extra strength. Also, this device offers sufficient space for multiple angle-shots and two hoops. The two circles comprise 12-inch durable steel rims and sturdy nylon netting. This unit provides you eight-game option to challenge yourself with an integrated scoring unit that accurately takes your score. Besides, it can be folded away quickly for easy transfer to other rooms.


  • Has a premium quality construction for enhanced durability
  • Comes with eight different challenging games at your disposal
  • Built with paddle sensors that give accurate scoring
  • It’s foldable and lightweight to save space


  • Doesn’t use infrared sensors to register baskets

#1. MD EA Sports 1658127 8-in-1 2-Player Indoor Arcade Basketball Game w/Scoreboard

Do you want to have an exciting time at home with your family members and friends? MD EA Sports indoor basketball arcade game is an incredible unit to purchase. You can compete with your friends with this 2-player arcade. Whether in the basement or the game room, you can have exciting moments with your family playing. It has sound and light that makes gaming more fun and exciting activity ever. Since it’s an 8-in-1 kit, you can play games such as: around the world, battle back, beat the time clock, horse, left & right shoot, checkpoint, 3-point beat the clock, and one-on-one. The full set includes three 7-inch basketball and a pump. Better yet, it’s portable and reliable.


  • Come with eight different games for a limitless gaming experience
  • Offer the ultimate court gaming experience in your home
  • Uses LED electronic system to give accurate scores
  • Has a folding design for convenient storage


  • Can take more than two hours to put together

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Basketball Arcade Game

Construction Material

The most commonly used material to construct an arcade is powder-coated steel. Such material is lightweight, safe, and easy to assemble. Also, you can disassemble it and carry it anywhere. On the other hand, ramp material could be canvas, nylon, or other synthetic materials. Side netting is mostly preferred to be constructed with nylon due to its elasticity, strength, and durability. Besides, on the backboard, both medium- and high-density fiberboard are the common material used. They absorb shock and vibrations perfectly from the basketball force.


If you need a home arcade, it’s ideal to go for a fold design model. Such makes the unit lightweight and compact. It should be easily adjustable to meet your house’s ceiling height or stand at your convenience. Rear top leg, back middle leg, bottom leg, and height spacer should have a flexible design with push buttons, multiple holes, and braces along the width, length, and height. Moreover, the backboard should have a sturdy and strong design free from any vibration.

Scoring System

Arcade is built with infrared sensors that can automatically detect the ball entering the hoop and update the results that are displayed on the LED screen. It’s required that the accuracy sensor should be no less than 98%. Even better, the whole scoring system should be configured to the button unit located on the front side of the assembly. The button unit should have a visible start and stop button for powering it on/off. It should also have a button for choosing a different game type.


Depending on the number of players you select, many circles can be 1, 2, or 3. A single hoop will possess a solid metal rim with a height spacer and a nylon net. The rim, on the other hand, should possess an assembly set with nut, cap screw, and washer sets that help you attached it to the backboard.


Going to the arcade is exciting; however, having one in your home is more thrilling. Don’t hesitate to take your entertainment life to a new different level. With a wide range of options to select from on the market, it shouldn’t take you long to find the one that matches your needs. An indoor basketball arcade is fun and entertaining gaming for your home needs. Investing in one of the above models will guarantee you hours of fun for years, and before you realize, your backyard will be the excellent party spot of the time! Stir up your family and friends with the best basketball arcade game!