10 Best All-Season Tires in Reviews

The best all-season tires are perfect in enabling you to drive on any road surface. Whether there is a thin sheet of snow or torrential downpours, with these tires, you can take on those situations. Without these tires, your vehicle will have a high-tendency of hydroplaning into a ditch, wall, or rump into another car. In case you’re living in a place where it usually rain, these tires will make your ride to be more comfortable than ever before.

That said, it’s now everyone initiative to buy the best all-season tires. However, it’s not that easy to accomplish that if you’ve limited information about all-season tires. You can spend the whole day trying to make a decision. Luckily, we’ve done the challenging part for you. Below are the top ten best all-season tires in reviews. After the reviews are factors, you need to consider before you can seal a deal with any of the tires. Let’s set off with the review.

#10. Lionhart LG-503 Durable All-Season Radial Tire-235/50R18 101W High-Performance

The newest all-season tire with the most sophisticated technology is Lionhart LH-Five. The tire is ideal to work on most advanced vehicles because of its advanced technology. Look at it, with an ultra-high performance tire, it boasts excellent tread life, precision handling, and superior traction at all speeds, throughout all weather conditions. Even better, all the internal structure and components of this tire denote how technology has shaped up the world of locomotives. For instance, hydro-paddle technology pumps water away efficiently from the tread. Besides, the solid outside shoulder and the center rib offers to increase dry handling.


  • Offers you reliable traction in different driving conditions
  • Balances well between performance and durability
  • This all-season tire offers stellar performance
  • Extended tread life yet at an affordable price
  • The ride is smooth with no road noise


  • The size needs to be crossed-checked

#9. Travelstar UN33 Car/SUV Performance 40,000 Miles All-Season Tire 235/508R18 97W

No matter the terrain you’ll be riding on, Travelstar UN33 all-season tires offer you incredible performance. It has an asymmetrical design that ensures the braking system is handy. This implies that it can stop with ease without skidding. Besides, if you’re pursuing wet traction, then this tire is a practical choice that will handle such a surface. Nevertheless, they are suitable for any road surface. And the motivating part of it is that you’ll acquire this model at a lower price. Despite offering stellar performance, they are faced with an issue of lousy vibration after a couple of miles. But that’s not a deal-breaker, it’s still worth its price.


  • Durable and can offer you 40,000 miles performance
  • It’s fuel economical and grips well on any surface
  • Offers you a smooth ride with precision control
  • Handling these all-season tires is quite easy


  • After a couple of miles, they tend to produce noise

#8. Lexani LX-Twenty 1521lbs Max Load Durable All-Season Radial Tire-245/35ZR20 95W

Another all-season tire that offers exceptional handling, year-round traction, and durability are Lexani LX brand. The tire provides superior performance and suits any driver who wants to experience effortless driving. Since this tire pretty well in both dry and wet weather conditions, you can rest assured to enjoy driving along without the need to worry about it wearing out. It features an asymmetrical tread pattern that drains water away and offers traction during dry weather season. Besides, the independent tread blocks and smaller grooves enhance the tire’s grip. The internal structure, on the other hand, has high-quality materials that enable it to last for prolonged performance.


  • Can moves on both wet and dry conditions with ease
  • Ultra-high performance offers excellent handling
  • The tread pattern can last exceptionally long
  • Right tires at a good price


  • Not true to its length

#7. NEXEN N'Fera RU5 65,000 Miles Ride Comfort All-Season Radial Tire-235/55R20XL 105V

Now, give your SUV the best all-year-round performance it deserves by taking advantage of Nexen N’Fera RU5 tire. If you thinking of looking for all-season tires that sheds water to do away with hydroplaning, then this is the choice to choose. It can move through light snow, heavy rain, and high-speed travel without skidding. These tires can withstand any harsh conditions without wearing out for three years. Even better, it offers you a fantastic ride with no noise and adds an appealing look to your car. What’s more, it has a high UTQG rating that ensures you ride safely.


  • Performs higher than the standard brands
  • Has excellent traction in any road surface
  • Offers you the exceptional ride comfort
  • Excellent and deserves its price


  • May develop bubbles

#6. Vercelli Strada 2 Smooth & Extra-Ordinary Traction All-Season Tire-245/45R20 103W

When you want to ascertain whether your tire offers an all-year performance or not, be keen on the control, traction, and dry and wet grip. That’s replicated by Vercelli Strada all-season tire. It has impressive traction and performs highly in either damp or dry conditions. As if that’s not enough, this tire comes having ‘sipes’ with a silica-rubber substance that offer intelligent all-season handling, low rolling resistance, and excellent treadwear, thus improving fuel efficiency. Count on this all-season tire for exceptional stability, stellar performance, and incomparable comfort. Its durability is unbeatable, and for the price, you can’t complain. And the only question that for you is: why have you not equipped your car with this tire?


  • Gives you a smooth and comfortable ride year-round
  • Increases the tread life for longer mileage
  • Ideal for wet and dry weather conditions
  • Offers you exceptional traction and grip


  • The rubber is a bit thin

#5. MRF Wanderer Set of 4 High-Performance Durable All-Season Tires 205/60R16 92H

If you need a great deal when it comes to all-season tires, then it has to be with a high-quality MRF tire. It has a durable steel belt construction to maintain the shape of the tire. This unit has excellent traction that enables your car to skim over to disperse water. With a superb tread design, you rest assured of a tire with a long usage life. Also, it is more suitable for use in passenger vehicles. You can never hear any road noises since its tire pattern is made to lower down such kind of noise. This tire is designed with asymmetric treads to boost the braking ability. The fact that it is an all-season tire, it has a tremendous gripping ability no matter the prevailing condition.


  • The sidewall design ensures a stable drive and road intactness
  • Has a modulus carcass that quickly responds to the steering
  • You can cover up to 45,000 miles as it a longer tread life
  • Designed from high-quality, durable materials


  • Lacks excellent traction on surfaces with ice

#4. Radar Dimax AS-8 Exceptional Traction Durable All-Season Radial Tire 235/50R18 101V

You need a delightful all-season tire for a comfortable driving experience. Radar tire has a range that covers rim sizes of 16 inches to 26 inches. You are assured of a longer-lasting tire since it is from high-grade materials. This tire has a good traction ability since it has an asymmetric tread pattern with larger lateral grooves. In snow and icy conditions, it ensures excellent traction to allow you to ride through such surfaces comfortably. With a weight of 24 pounds, you can easily install it in your car without much fatigue. This tire is suitable for high performing cars, SUVs, and many other vehicles. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for most drivers.


  • You can ride at your speed since it has a good grip
  • Provides a smooth ride with less or no noise at all
  • Balances well to avoid sliding on slippery surfaces
  • Had a tread depth of 10.00 on an excellent traction


  • Has an average performance in snowy surfaces

#3. Waterfall Eco-Dynamic 45,000 Miles Durable All-Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95H 4-Ply

Never will you regret having picked Waterfall all-season tire because of the outstanding features that it offers. It has a tread mile of 45,000 miles; thus, it is a longer-lasting tire in the market today. This tire has a five-pitch design and computerized simulation to help in maintaining a quiet ride. The narrow shoulder block lateral grooves ensures a good traction ability to avoid sliding on slippery surfaces. Moreover, the four main slots allow you to get riding comfortably, no matter the prevailing condition. The four broad circumferential grooves enhance drainage.


  • Makes very swift and good turns during dry driving
  • Durable since they are from high-quality materials
  • Retains all the air to avoid any possible leakages
  • Offers stellar performance all-year-round


  • Tend to wear off easily

#2. HANKOOK Ventus V2 Concept Wide Belt Reliable All-Season Tire 205/55R16V

HANKOOK all-season tires are a renowned tire in the market. Ideally, this tire is known for its high-quality and durability. Also, it’s designed particularly for heavy vehicles like light truck and SUV that demands high performance. Its tread life warrant is up to 50,000 miles, which means you can count on this tire to serve you up to 5 years. When on the move, these tires are quiet as compared to others on this list. The innovative V-shape design increases its operation on both wet and dry surfaces. Better yet, it has excellent traction for easy handling in wet and dry conditions.


  • Has reduced noise level and offer comfort
  • The tire is stable, responsive, and durable
  • Ideal for both dry and wet conditions
  • Cheap and more affordable


  • Tend to skid in ice condition

#1. SUPERMAX TM-1 Reinforced Rib Pattern Less Noise All-Season Radial Tire-195/65R15 91T

Some distinct features regarding SUPERMAX TM-1 are safety, high-performance, and low fuel consumption, not to mention the long mileage it offers. The exceptional tread pattern with balanced tread ware not only provides the ultimate driving experience but also strives to enhance the long-mileage and safety features. The tires offer you a smooth riding experience, and even better, don’t give you any trouble while driving in snowy weather. The quality is top-notch, and still, it’s inexpensive. Installation is also a hassle-free task. Unlike other all-season tires that have issues related to weak sidewalls, this tire comes with a high UTQG rating for remarkable performance.


  • Easy to install because it comes with a manual tire changer
  • Doesn’t produce noise regardless of the mileage
  • Offers you stellar performance for long
  • Ideal for all-year-round driving needs


  • It’s unstable at high speed

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best All-Season Tire


Most all-season tires come with a premium appearance, which is usually attractive. But, we have other considerations more than how the tire appears. What we mean is that the design of the tire should not compromise on its effort to move in different loads. So you should ensure to weigh both performance and aesthetics before you can purchase all-season tires.

Load Capacity

All-season tires come with a max load capacity, which means that when purchasing a set, you should keep a note of their potential load support. Whether carrying luggage or passengers, the load capacity is a unit that ensures your tires serve you longer than you expected. In essence, the tires you decide to purchase should go in hand with the stated weight to offer you stellar performance.

Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG)

This aspect deals with the safety of the tires. Safe driving is a necessity for most people, and that’s why it’s essential to consider the grade of the tires you are paying for. In essence, it’s the rating of the tire and its overall quality. Some of the attributes measured when rating the tire include traction, tread wear, and it’s resistance to the temperature. Aim at the one with higher-rating for guaranteed safety.

Fuel Economy

This factor could sound irrelevant, but the truth is, your tires have a significant impact on your fuel consumption. For that reason, you should buy more economical tires. In that case, avoid going for the heavy models because it will drain your car’s fuel, but the vice versa is true.


Well, our review on all-season tires has come to an end. We hope you’ve gained more helpful information regarding all-season tires, and you’re ready to give a shot. Having these tires will enable your car to move effortlessly even on a smooth road without skidding. Not to mention the balance it offers in terms of durability and performance. As if that’s not enough, these tires come with many features that the ordinary tires don’t have like traction, speed control, low fuel consumption, etc. Choose the model that best meets your priorities enjoy your ride in any terrain.