10 Best Air Purifiers in Reviews

Air purifiers are becoming common in every household today. Without proper air purification in the house, you might become susceptible to many health issues which are mainly contributed by such air pollutants. More so for families having young children, pets, or older person (s), these air purifiers are so helpful. An air purifier is suitable for general home use and office environment as well.

Since you don’t have time to personally check the ratings of each air purifier existing on various websites, we have you on our shoulders. We aim at helping you out in getting the right air purifier in the market. Air purifiers have different features, price, quality, and mode of working. But our review touches on almost everything with its primary purpose, being to assist you in picking an air purifier that is of the best quality and efficiency. Without further ado, here are the top Best Air Purifiers in a review.

#1. Medify Air MA-40 Medical Grade Touch Panel White Air Purifier

Medify MA-40 Medical Grade purifies the air in your room up to 1300sq. Ft within an hour. Also, it can cover about 800sq — Ft every 30 minutes. The compact design makes the air purifier to stand out among others. Manufactures talk about this air purifier as being advance, modern, and fitting medical requirements, thus being rendered robust! Has air chambers with advanced technology that make air purification much efficient. This powerful air cleaner offers a super-easy way of changing the filters while the glass touch panel on top makes it easy for you to control.


  • It meets the modern design of purifying air more efficiently
  • The compact design makes it fits anywhere and becomes portable
  • You can replace the air filters that easy
  • Has a tempered glass control panel is easy to clean


  • The manual doesn’t show what part number the filter is

#2. Alen T500 Antibacterial HEPA Silver Air Purifier

Do you have a small room and you’re looking for an appropriate air purifier? Well, don’t search any further, because, with ALEN T500 air purifier, you get sorted. This brand is an excellent air cleaner that deals with bacteria and odor in your small room. If you have asthma and you need an air purifier that can filter the air in your room, then this is your time. Breathing clean air should be your daily concern, and with T500 air purifier, you wouldn’t have to worry. Moreover, this purifier, emits a low sound, thus enabling you to enjoy your sleep and get a better breath. Additionally, the panel of this unit is easy to operate. Hence, you can control the amount of airflow around your room. Pick this option if you wish to live better.


  • It has a smooth operating panel that enables you to control the airflow in your room
  • The fan operates at a lower speed that lets you sleep quietly
  • This unit tackles the airborne dust and allergens in your room
  • Has light-up power display that dims when not in use thus offer comfort


  • The durable plastic smell when turned on

#3. LEVOIT LV-H133 True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Where else could you get fresh air that enables you to live a good life if not with LEVOIT right HEPA air purifier? You can expect maximum air cleaning from this brand. It is capable of dealing with pet dander, allergens, particles, mold spores, and dust. As I may say, this is the best housekeeper for the whole family that offers you a new way of enjoying life. The LED display is turned off when in operation and provide comprehensive range of options. Additionally, it has a filter change indicator that informs you that it is the appropriate time of doing filter replacement. Besides, the advance, efficient, and powerful engine makes LEVOIT fits in your kitchen and living room more comfortable. It is versatile and robust altogether and can purifier air up to 538 ft2 while looking like a footprint.


  • Works with a 40% higher efficiency rate
  • Super easy to set up and operate
  • Keeps dust and animal hair off sight
  • It is designed to cover a large area
  • The LED display off function wouldn’t keep you awake at night


  • Produces an awful high pitched tone

#4. COLZER BK-J-215 600sq. Ft True HEPA Air Purifier

COLZER BK-J-215 is a good air purifier that covers a space of up to 600sq. Ft. If you want efficient air purification in a large room, then this purifier is your best solution. On the volume section, it has three varied options, low, medium, and high grade, which enables you to set your best speed depending on your needs. When the air purifiers go to sleep mode, the fan speed goes slow as well, thus enabling you to sleep silently. Also, the other indicators go off when not in use. Moreover, the air purifier other important function is like child lock protection, filter replacement function, and timing function. The intuitive touch control panel enables you to set up and control so quickly. Refresh your living space now with this fantastic air cleaner.


  • Has an intuitive touch control panel for easy setup and use
  • The sleep mode options allow you to sleep well with less noise
  • Covers an area up to 600ft2 for efficient air purification
  • Built with child lock for safety
  • Air filter button function alerts you when you should replace the air filters


  • This product is a bit costly

#5. iGylar ETL Verified with Smart Air Monitor Air Purifier

If you want an air purifier that can detect the air quantity and automatically change the flowing rate, then the iGylar air purifier is your thing. Constructed with indicating light that will display the color showing the level at which air experienced pollution. For instance, the Blue LED tone implied fresh air with no pollution. And Green LED means a little air pollution experienced. Also, Red LED suggests dangerous air pollution. Besides, the sleep mode with silent noise will enable you to sleep silently without any disturbance.


  • Has sleep mode that ensures you sleep silently without being disturbed
  • The four air purification system offers excellent purifying performance
  • Child lock system prevents your children from touching the control panel
  • Design with five fan speed mode that is better to accommodate the demand of your room


  • The light effect is a bit bright

#6. Okaysou AirMax8L 5-in-1 Duo Filtration Quiet Air Cleaner

Have a safe and efficient air purification experience using this top-notch air purifier. AirMax8L uses a unique dual filtration mechanism to trap much more air pollutants including dust, mold, pollen, odors, VOCs, pet dander, and small particles to 0.25microns. At the highest speed, this unit only uses 50w, which makes it more energy efficient. The 5 stage of filtration ensures you breathe in fresh and clean air all the time. Moreover, a modern and slim design fits anywhere in your room. Also, this air purifier circulates air in the room up to 5 times per hour and covers up to 237 sq. Ft.


  • It is more energy-efficient suing only 50w on the highest fan speed
  • CE, ETL, and FCC certified
  • Five stages filtration process offer thorough air purification
  • Stands as a high-performance air purifier
  • Designed with sleep mode and child-lock for comfort


  • The noise level is noticeable

#7. Germ Guardian AC4825W 3-in-1 True HEPA 22'' White Air Purifier

Germ Guardian air purifies completely kill germs and viruses, trap allergens, filter odor using a True HEPA filter, and UV-C light. It fully delivers crisp and refreshing air to your home. Customizable and powerful, this gadget is customizable with 3-speed settings with an ultra-quiet mode on the lower speed setting to work during night time when you’re asleep. Also, the control panel has an optional UV-C light that makes it easy to use. The best choice for medium and large rooms up to 167sq. Ft. The replaceable filters are so useful and powerful; therefore, you can change them regularly to maintain higher performance. Make your family breathe newly purified air by taking advantage of this great air purifier by Germ Guardian.


  • Filter odor and trap allergens using a right HEPA air filter
  • The perfect fix for medium and large rooms up to 167sq. Ft
  • The top panel has optional light for easy use
  • Customized with 3-speed settings for efficiency
  • Operates silently, thus offering you quiet sleep overnight


  • It cost higher than you might think

#8. Hunter HT1715 Viro-Silver Carbon HEPA & Filtration Rose gold/White Air Purifier

Hunter air purifier is equipped with Viro-silver charcoal filter and 2-in-1 HEPA filtration mechanism to effectively deals with smoke, pollen, dust, and germs small as 0.3microns in size. It has a simple and easy to use control panel, which gives you strategic buttons to select your filtration level you’ll like to use. With a hunter air purifier, you can get assurance that you’ll breathe more comfortably and lower dust particles to enhance your indoor air.


  • Kill 99% of bacteria existing in the air in your room
  • Deals with odors and VOCs
  • The innovative and attractive design improves your house décor
  • Dual propeller air inlet for fast and effective air cleaning


  • Requires replacement of air filters often which is a bit expensive

#9. GENIANI Home with Night Light Large True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Enjoy the clean and fresh air by using a GENIANI air purifier. And for things to work out, you need to give a try this incredible air purifier by GENIANI. The three filtration process makes the air to be free from dangerous allergens and bacteria. Also, the stylish and compact design matches the decent and elegant look of your house. The night light mode dims off to ensure you sleep with less disturbance.


  • Lowers the smoke level and odors
  • Compact and stylish design fits your room perfectly
  • Equipped with nightlight mode to enable you to have a comfortable sleep
  • The 3-stage filtration offers sufficient air filtration


  • HEPA filters are usually expensive to replace

#10. KeenPure 182sq. Ft Super Quiet &Ozone Safe Compact Air Cleaner

We understand that breathing air full of dust particles is not recommended for your health, that’s why we find it right to use an air purifier. KeenPure air purifier is the best option. By using 360 degrees cylindrical HEPA filters, it makes a thorough purification of air in your house. This purifier can lower pollutants longer and faster. Besides, the three-speed settings offer you an opportunity to choose what best fits you. Remember that the lesser the speed, the smaller the noise it is produced. The cost of replacing the HEPA filter is low mainly because, unlike the other purifiers, and this one only has one air filter to be replaced. Lastly, this unit is lightweight and has a small size for easy carry from room to room.


  • Small size and lightweight for easy carrying to different rooms
  • This purifier does not produce ozone emissions
  • The cost of replacing the HEPA filters is on the low
  • Uses only one 360 degrees cylindrical HEPA filter for complete air purification


  • The initial cost of buying this purifier is a bit higher

Factors You Should Consider When Purchasing an Air Purifier

Take into account these fundamental factors when shopping for an air purifier.


Air purifiers come in two types: Room Air Purifier and Whole-House Air Purifier. The first one is arguably smaller and less expensive compared to the other one. To be sure about the type you’ll settle down with, you should be able to answer these questions. Where are you going to use the air purifier? Who is going to use the purifier? In most cases, if your house doesn’t have a heating system, then it’s appropriate to settle down for a room air purifier.

Air Filtration Technology

Air purifiers employ different air filtration technology. HEPA technology is the most used air filtration option for most air purifiers. It is the best option for dealing with radioactive particles in the air. These filters have pleated surface area for trapping air pollutants of size 0.3 microns or more. Though HEPA filters are perfect, they tend to be costly because you’ll need to do regular replacement of about 12 to 18 months. Other technologies that are usable include ULPA and activated carbon filter technology.


Clean Air Delivery Rate (CARD) metric determines the size of the air purifier you opt for. The higher the metric, the more an air purifier is efficient. To ascertain the CADR for a specific room, you multiply its footage by 0.75


Each air purifier has varied functionalities depending on the brand, model, and size. Among all air purifiers, a fan is one of the elements meant for sucking air in. The air purifiers without fans tend to work dismally, compared to the air purifiers that have fans. Another main feature to consider is the servicing indicator. This unit will alert you to your next replacement of the crucial parts of the air purifier like the air filter.

Final Thoughts

An air purifier is a must-have appliance in your home. Therefore you must not suffer the pain of searching tirelessly on the internet yet we have set for you. We can sincerely promise you that the air purifiers we’ve reviewed above are the best of the best. Again, if you have set specific requirements for an air purifier, then you can use our guide to find you a suitable air purifier. We know that you need a versatile and the best quality air purifier, and that’s why we have taken the time to research and round up these best options. Each air purifier claims its superiority in its domain.