10 Best Air Impact Wrench in Reviews

You certainly require a tool to make work easier more so if the task involves bolts and nuts. Tools like screwdrivers, pliers, etc. are some of the common tools used. But think of this, how do you open bolts and nuts that have connected strong metals and seems fixed permanently? That is where the air impact wrench comes in. These tools are the best because you can easily get rid of stubborn bolts and wheel lug nuts. This saves both your time and effort because no much effort is required when removing bolts or nuts. It works by spinning a mass by air then connects it to the anvil.

It’s a bit difficult acquiring these air impact wrenches with various models available on the market. Also, every specific air impact wrench possesses different features, functionality, and design. With this post, we have compiled The Best 10 Air Impact Wrenches available in the market currently. Hoping you’ll get the one that lives up to your expectations.

#10. BHTOP 0.5 Inch 7500 RPM Free Speed Air-Powered 420 ft. lbs. Air Impact Driver

If are out there looking for a suitable air impact driver for your home garage, then consider BHTOP Air Impact Wrench. The tool delivers all the power you want. This unit has a dual hammer design that lets you do the car and light truck tires. On the strut job, you can rest assured that it will make short work of those big carriage bolts. Additionally, its compact size fits much easier in those tight spaces than electric impact. Indeed this is a great tool!


  • Has a reinforced body to lower vibration during the process of use
  • The presence of 5 gear speed regulations controls the torque output accurately
  • The smooth twin hammer mechanism offers instantaneous balanced blow
  • The dual hammer design delivers all the power you require
  • Perfect for changing rotating tires on all cars


  • It is slightly heavy but it gets work done

#9. Campbell Hausfeld XT002000 Composite Body & Comfort Grip 0.5 Inch Air Impact Wrench

How about finishing your projects like a pro? Well, you have found the right tool to sort you out. Campbell Hausfeld makes it easier for you to accomplish your task without strain. This unit enables you to get stuff done right efficiently. Without a doubt, this is a tool that lives up to your expectations. This exceptional tool does its job faster because it has a reduced weight and comfortable to operate. Additionally, it is more versatile that makes it work in different environments, and works longer. Besides, you get robust, adjustable power output with rugged durability.


  • Deliver great working power and comfort
  • Has a user-friendly design with variable speed control
  • Rubberized, ergonomic comfort-grip for easy handling
  • It works perfectly well with a small air compressor


  • The instructions are not well detailed and seem ambiguous

#8. TZTool 1200 All-New Diesel 0.5 Inch 21 PC Deep Impact Sockets & Extension Bar Impact Wrench Set

Sometimes you might what seems important to see is quality and price, that’s why we have something for you. TZTool has high torque and durable compared to other top items of top brands yet at a much lower price. The unit is lightweight only weighing 4.65 lbs. which is a handy tool to deliver high performance. As a note to remember, this unit only uses an air source, so don’t go for this option if you want cordless or electric models. Give it a try today and you’ll never regret having this aid tool, for sure it makes work easier.


  • It is durable comparable to top items of top brands
  • The unit sells at an affordable price while maintaining its quality on top
  • Lightweight design yet powerful and durable twin hammer mechanism
  • It uses an air source to deliver its high performance


  • It lacks a 13mm deep impact socket

#7. Berkling Tools 2463T 0.5 Inch Heavy Duty Twin Hammer Pneumatic Air Impact Wrench

Berkling Tool is more suitable and perfect for homes or offices. If you want to do away with a wrench that bites dust quite easily, then this choice will amaze you. As we can say, this heavy-duty air impact wrench is second to none. Also, it is equipped with a twin hammer that offers a powerful 1400 ft. lbs. of nut-busting of torque and it only weighs 4.4 lbs. that causes less stress on your forearm. Besides, the rugged aluminum metal front cover ensures the tool becomes durable. Moreover, the handle is over-molded with rubber to offer grip comfort as well as lowering fatigue.


  • Reduces operation fatigue as it is ergonomically designed
  • Has a rugged aluminum metal front cover which makes it more durable
  • The composite housing makes it strong that enhances its durability
  • Equipped with twin hammer that offers 1400 ft. lbs. of nut-busting


  • It can damage nuts and bolts if the power is not well set

#6. Goplus 1 Inch Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tool Long Shank Commercial Mechanics Air Impact Wrench Gun

It everyone’s desire to purchase an air impact that lasts long without any frequent replacement. Considering Goplus Air Impact Wrench is then a plus for you. This gear is made of strong aluminum alloy, special treated anti-treated rust, and corrosion finish making it durable and strong. The appliance is more convenient to carry with you because it comes with a portable tool kit making it easier to transport it. Also, this unit comes when it is fully packaged with one 38mm, one 41mm socket, and 0.5” NPT air inlet. The internal hexagonal wrench is easy to operate. Lastly, a portable tool kit keeps your tools organized and easy to carry along.


  • Made of high-quality material making it longer lasting
  • Saves on costs because it sells at a lower price
  • Easy to use with the auxiliary handle
  • The portable tool kit that keeps the tools organized
  • Easy to operate the hexagonal wrench


  • Unsuitable to use because it is heavy

#5. DEWALT DWMT70773L 0.5 Inch Square Drive Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench

This model is designed in such a way that it has some shock-resistant housing bumpers that help you protect the housing and prevents any form of scuffs. If your garage is using these huge air compressors, with no doubt you’ll go for DEWALT DWMT70773L Air Impact Wrench. The tool has a maximum torque of 650ft. lb. that aid in breaking free fasteners. In a scenario where you don’t have much oil, you can have a few drops it will still work and remove the tight nuts and bolts though it will be at its lowest pressure. The one-hand operation-forward ensures the loosening and fastening of bolts and nuts are done with ease.


  • It is built with a Shock resistant housing bumpers for maximum shock absorption
  • Has maximum torque of 650 ft. lbs. that help to break free fasteners
  • The ergonomic design of this unit is excellent, not too heavy or bulky
  • The handle has some cushioning for hand safety when setting the driver down


  • It seems to pick dirt pretty easily

#4. AIRCAT 1992 1Inch Heavy Duty 1800 ft. lbs. 8 Inch Anvil Tire Impact Tool (Black & Silver)

Coming forth is AIRCAT 1992 1” which suits truck tire applications. Designed with an 8” anvil that works well with the new super singe wheels. Also, this 1992 produces 1800 ft. lbs. of torque at 5000 RPM. You can mount the side handle on either the left or right side to fit both right- and left-handed individuals. If you want to have the greatest convenience then with 1992 you can obtain that with the combined forward or reverse power management switch. This is a suitable tool that lets your work gets done with efficiency.


  • Well-designed to suit both right- and left-handed users
  • Has the largest torque power of 1800 ft. lbs.
  • This unit uses a durable pin-less hammer mechanism
  • The 8” anvil that suits single wheels


  • It is heavy but worth it

#3. AIRCAT 1770-XL ¾ Inch Super Duty Composite 1400 ft. lbs. Air Impact Wrench

Reliability is a feature that you should consider when getting an air impact wrench. You should ask yourself if it does gets you what you want. AIRCAT 1770-XL is of no doubt a table air impact wrench to go for because it is the best. Has it ever occurred to you working using certain equipment then it produces some noise? Truly, it wouldn’t be pleasant at all. AIRCAT 1770-XL is the most suitable to use to avoid such destructions. The handle also is ergonomically designed with a grip for comfortable use.


  • User-friendly with its ergonomic design feature
  • More convenient to use because it is lightweight
  • Considering the price it is cheaper compared to Ingersoll
  • The handle is designed with a grip for comfortable use
  • It delivers great power for its functionality


  • It not a long-lasting model

#2. Chicago Pneumatic CP776 ¾ Inch 1200 ft. lbs. 6 Vane Motor Super Duty Air Impact Wrench

We are sure you would want that air impact wrench that tightens bolts until they stretch, Chicago pneumatic does it well for you. Under any tough conditions, you don’t have to worry because Chicago pneumatic will work best for you. The twin hammer’s higher performance clutch gives it a longer life. This unit is more convenient for gas, oil, or any mining needs. In more demanding settings it is built to last long. With the 1200 ft. lbs. of torque, this wrench has the greatest power to loosen the toughest bolts ever. Aside from that, this incredible aid weighs less than 12lbs. that offer you comfortable working experience for a longer period.


  • More comfortable to use because it has a stable handle
  • Effective and more reliable tool to loosen the toughest fastener
  • Has a twin hammer that will take off everything in just a bump or two
  • Weighs less than 12 lbs. making it comfortable over a long period of use


  • It is a bit heavy causing more fatigue when holding it

#1. Ingersoll Rand 2850MAX-6 1inch 100 ft. lbs. 6inch Extension Anvil Air Impact Wrench

Are you a heavy mechanic and looking for the best air impact wrench? You don’t have to worry anymore, Ingersoll got you covered. It has the best and amazing torque features. The tool tightly and firmly holds the bolt making it easy to remove any stubborn bolts whatsoever. It’s tiresome having to carry something weighty. This air impact wrench has your work made easier with the fact that it is lightweight compared to a harbor freight gun. Moreover, the highly engineered design delivers the exact power you require over the chain of tools. Also, the 6” anvil extension increases the accessibility in hardtop reach areas.


  • Removes any stubborn nuts and bolts with ease
  • It holds the bolts and nuts firmly
  • Made of steel core making it more durable
  • Built with an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue when in use


  • The darn handle keeps sliding around making it uncomfortable to use

Factors to Look Out When Purchasing an Air Impact Wrench

Impacts per minute

Preferably one would go for that impact wrench that breaks bolts faster compared to one that does it slowly. This ensures that your work is done faster thus enabling you to get rid of many stubborn bolts within a short period. This has your time saved.

No-load speed

How fast can the impact wrench turn when facing no resistance from the bolt? This factor will make you get well acquainted on how quickly and fast you can remove the bolts when you are not breaking them loose.

Single or twin hammer

A twin hammer is more preferable compared to the single hammer. The twin hammer is designed in such a way that it hits the anvil in two places where the single hammer hits the anvil in one place.


The amount of force the wrench can apply to the bolt when turning it is a major factor to consider. You should go for that wrench that can hold the bolt firmly making it easy to remove those stubborn bolts.

Final Thought

With the list above you can wisely decide on which air impact wrench to purchase for your day to day activities. This list has got details that you could be looking for. Anyway, getting any of each of the above air impact wrench will never get you disappointed because they are the best. You’ll gain more useful knowledge as far as air impact wrench is a concern. Additionally, we have a buyer’s guide that will enable you to make a profound decision in shopping for an air impact wrench. So, that said, now get into action and acquire one for yourself today!