10 Best Air Fryer Oven in Reviews

Food like fried chicken and French fries are for real delicious, yet with all the excess oils and calories, they don’t work well for the good of your health. While food from deep fryers is sweet and tasty, their usage is being limited nowadays because they don’t offer a healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t have to scare you because health custodians have gone out of their ways and brought a cooking gadget that lets you enjoy your delicious food with fewer calories. Can you guess the gadget? An air fryer oven is this magical device that absolutely mimics a deep fryer but only uses less oil.

While offering a golden, crispy exterior and fluty center, you ought to note that the results attained from using an air fryer oven aren’t the same as that of a deep fryer since it doesn’t fry anything. An air fryer uses electric heat circulated by the powerful fan to cook your food with the hot air aiding in keeping the surface of the food crispy and dry while the inside is maintained moist. Other air fryers have sophisticated functions and feature with all being geared to making your food to have a tantalizing taste.

If you are out there searching for the best alternative to a deep fryer, we have compiled to you the best 10 air fryer ovens that you can give a try. We have also provided you a buying guide to help you make an appropriate choice.

Top 10 Best Air Fryer Ovens Reviews

#1. Philips TurboStar Air Fryer Oven

Philips air fryer oven is the best appliance to cook perfect food each and every time at home. Since air is the new oil in it, you are capable of cooking food in the healthiest way possible by less than 25% of fats in food. Thanks to Philips’ TurboStar advanced technology, where all foods are exposed to circulating heat, enabling you to good your favorite food with only a tablespoon of oil. The end results of the oven are evenly fried food, that doesn’t need any turning even when food is piled up.

Besides, powerful direct heat from up quickly heats the food for the mouth-watering, golden brown outcome while removing excess fat. The efficiency of this technology means food will be heated up immediately and ready to serve. No preheat required, thus you can quickly begin cooking, which in turn saves you a lot of time. It more advantageous also for your kitchen because apart from frying, this air fryer oven can grill, roast, and even can bake. This is a machine that will definitely boost your cooking experience.


  • Made with dishwasher safe parts
  • The removable handle makes it easy to switch between accessories, store and clean
  • No preheat necessary start cooking right away
  • Provides healthy and tasty results every time


  • Perfect for one or two, but does not serve a family of 4 or more (Philips offer large capacity model)

#2. YEDI HOUSEWARE Air Fryer Oven

Coming second on our list is the YEDI air fryer oven. To begin with, this appliance offers the best way of cooking healthy food with less fat. It operates using an advanced circulating fan, which is located above the electric-coil heating element, which blows hot air around food to cook it. Thus rendering it the healthiest and quick way to cook. Also, the two dishes which come with it enable you to cook two different meals at the same time, thus saving you a lot of your time. Cooking with YEDI is a breeze, cook meals in mere minutes and in less than half a minute you’ll be seated in your dining room with your guest enjoying your favorite fries.

Additionally, this air fryer oven is designed with a digital touch screen, which enables you to set your desired cooking time and temperature when preparing food. Or you can as well select from the built-in smart programs: baked foods, shrimp, barbecue, fries, vegetables, chicken, fish, and even steak.


  • Getting started using the air fryer is easy, no need for extra accessories
  • Comes with a recipe book with 100 recipes
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Easy to use display screen
  • Big and easy to clean


  • The drawer doesn’t fit right, you have to hold the back to shove the drawer in all the way

#3. COSORI Air Fryer Oven

COSORI air fryer oven is yet another appliance that ensures your health is maintained in good condition. Most importantly, it is good for you if you are watching your cholesterol or blood pressure level and still, you’ll love enjoying delicious. Getting a gadget that cooks your food while eliminating 85% of the contents of the fat is desirable. The goodness with the air fryer is that it maintains the same deliciously crunchy taste of fried food with little or no oil at all.

The special improved ergonomic angled-display offers better viewing, with the need of you bending over. Further to that, it is designed with a slimmer footprint thus fits well on your countertop which in turn saves you a lot of space. Cooking using this air fryer oven is a no-hassle thing, the built-in touchscreen enables you to set the cooking time and temperature with just simple commands. This is an air fryer worth being in your kitchen.


  • Dishwasher safe and a square basket
  • The slimmer size saves you a lot of space
  • Cooking is made easy and faster with this air fryer oven
  • Non-stick basket enables you to take out food easily


  • No recipe found in the enclosed recipe book

#4. Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Oven

Where else could you get the sweetest fries with less oil and calories? Embrace the simplest way of cooking by purchasing Emeril Lagasse air fryer oven to attain all this. A smarter healthier solution over the traditional oily fried foods, you can rest assured that you get crispy, crunchy flavors with up to 80 % less fat. Eat healthy food and make your health rise to the upper level. Apart from being the best machine to cook French fries, this portable air fryer oven can be used to cook corn dogs, fish sticks, jalapeno poppers, and many more dishes.

More desirable features about this air fryer oven are the digital timer and fast-heating options. In fact, it has a 60 minutes timer system and 1700 watts that enable cooking to be done quicker hence a favorite for those who want cooking to be done in an efficient manner.


  • Comes with Emeril recipes and other essential accessories
  • Large, family-sized food basket included
  • Does not require preheating to cook food
  • Has a digital time, that takes care of the cooking


  • The non-stick coating may start peeling off on the basket after sometimes.

#5. Omorc Air Fryer Oven

Want to surprise your dad or mum this season with the best kitchen appliance that consumes less oil while keeping them healthy? Try Omorc air fryer oven. Omorc digital XL air fryer is easy to use and redefine frying with healthful plenty of results. Did you know that healthy food can reduce the risk of fatty liver, decrease cholesterol, and protect you against cardiovascular health? Make all your family enjoy a healthy life by adopting the use of this good air fryer oven.

What will impress you about this air fryer is the one knob and touch control design. You need only to rotate the multifunctional knob to adjust the timer and temperature and choose the required presets – you don’t have to keep pressing the setting buttons every time. The ease to operate brings you excellent fries, rib, cake, shrimp, chicken, steak, and fish.


  • Dishwasher safe and easy to control
  • FDA approved & BPA free
  • Easy to use and redefine frying with a healthy result
  • Easy to clean


  • From unknown company but works great

#6. Ninja Air Fryer Oven (1500-watt programmable)

Ninja air fryer oven enables you to enjoy guilt-free food while maintaining its taste and delicacy. How about getting foods that have been fried to up to 75% less fat? Capable of removing oil in food thus becoming the best alternative to the traditional deep fryers that left food with a lot of oil, which is not good for our health. We understand that eating food with a lot of fats has detrimental effects on our bodies. This air fryer oven can cook a number of dishes including French fries, fish, and even hand-cut.

The wide temperature range (1050 F – 4000 F) enables you to smoothly remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat. The non-stick baskets ensure food is easily removed after been cooked without sticking on the walls of the basket.


  • Easy to clean basket, crisper plate
  • The multi-layer rack increase your dehydrating capacity
  • Has a one-touch control panel
  • Extra-large capacity fits 2lbs. if fries


  • Weird sound from the inside

#7. INOFIA Air Fryer Oven

The Inofia air fryer enables to have the best favorite fried snacks and food with fewer calories added to it, as a matter of fact, this air fryer is known to contain less than 15% of fats that the normal deep fryer. No need to fire up your oven anymore, save more of your time working on other activities while your food is being prepared by your companion. Everything is programmable.

The 6 preset one-touching cooking equal the normal oven, fryer, microwave, grill, sandwich maker, non-stick frying pan, popcorn maker since it enables you to fry chips, fries, chicken, steak, shrimp, cake, pizza, and fish. This is the most convenient way of preparing dishes right in your home.


  • Provide foods with 85% free of fats
  • The detachable basket is easy to clean
  • The digital touch screen offers perfect cooking settings
  • Cooks food evenly
  • Capable of cooking varied dishes


  • The air fryer basket flakes and rust (after the non-stick surface peels off)

#8. Secura Air Fryer Oven (Extra-large capacity)

Getting healthy and flavorful foods at the same time for your family is not an easy balance. This is due to the fact that most flavored foods are known to be derailing health, because of their large contents of fats and calories. But today, we have a simple solution for you that is close to almost taking a meal minus oil. Secura air fryer oven is the way to go. It is a 1700 watts power air fryer basket that holds up to 5.3 quarts (5L) of food hence making it the largest air fryer in the market.

This all in one convenient cooking fryer enables you to use it daily in cooking fry, roast, bake, reheat, and even grill with fast heating time. This faster, more energy-efficient with less mess gadget uses rapidly circulating heated air for fast and even frying with less oil.


  • User-friendly gadget
  • Easy to read and adjustable controls
  • Offers healthy and flavorful cooking for your entire family
  • Faster and more energy efficient


  • The capacity is too big to be used for small families

#9. Mockins Air Fryer Oven

Mockins air fryer oven offers delicious and delectable foods for the entire family with up to 80% less fat. The continuous air circulation technology ensures your food is cooked tasty and crispy by circulating hot air around the ingredients and will automatically turn off when the basket is detached and turns on when it is returned. The basket is detachable and dishwasher safe. The touchscreen comes with 8 presets with a 60-minute timer and plus the recipe book that help you make all the types of mouth-watering dishes you want. Cooking is made easy with Mockins air fryer oven.


  • Easy to wash dishwasher safe removable drawer
  • Has LED touchscreen display that enables you to set the cooking time
  • Rapid air circulating technology will ensure your food is cooked crispy and tasty
  • Prepare a diverse range of delicious dishes with little oil


  • Display tend to die quickly

#10. Ultrean Air Fryer Oven

Upgrade your cooking experience by purchasing Ultrean air fryer oven. It makes you enjoy well-cooked food with less oil. Moreover, this sleek looking machine creates amazing meals with fewer efforts than your regular pan or fryer. Design with incredible features all meant to improve your cooking experience. They include advanced rapid air technology, LCD display, detachable cooking pot, adjustable timer and temperature, accessible buttons, and scratch-free modern design.

Think of an air dish and you can be assured that Ultrean air fryer is capable of cooking. May it is fry, roast, bake, or even grill, it is capable of cooking with less or no oil at all. Enjoy the splatter-free cooking experience!


  • Saves you more time
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Best way to get tasty and crispy food in a modern way
  • The LCD display and the adjustable timer ensures cooking is done perfectly
  • Comes with a recipe that enables you to try varied recipes


  • The non-stick coating begins to flake off after sometimes

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air Fryer Oven


This is the #1 thing most people will consider, don’t buy an air fryer that seems cheap and later cause trouble. Invest in an air fryer with the best features and of high quality while sticking to your budget.


Ideally, an air fryer oven you plan to purchase you be able to meet all the numbers of your household. So consider the capacity as you purchase it. In most cases, air fryer ovens come with a capacity ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. There are air fryer ovens of small and large capacity.


Most air fryers use between 800W– 2100W of power, with respect to the model. Does the outlet power in your kitchen support the one you pick?

Temperature range

The temperature range has to do with the type of food being cooked. It is advisable to consider an air fryer with a wide temperature range because of its versatility. Our compiled list above has a wide temperature point.

Digital or analog

How conversant are you with technology? People have varied taste, some might like to give a try to a touchscreen air fryer while others will stick with the turning dials air fryer.

Final Verdict

The list above is a collection of the best air fryer ovens you should consider. They are of high quality and safe to use and even cost-friendly. Healthy eating is not all about doing away with fries, it is all about finding a solution to reducing the consumption of calories. And this has been made possible with the use of an air fryer oven. As long as you’ll pick an air fryer oven that correctly meets your needs, your health will never be compromised because your foods are free of excess oils and calories.