10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells in Reviews

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become so hard for everyone to hit the gym like before. This has made us create a gym just around our home to ensure that we stay fit at all times. Purchasing an adjustable dumbbell allows you to keep your workout routine as usual in your house or office. They are well designed to take up less storage space while meeting all your demands. You can now gradually strengthen your muscles while occupying a corner of your room and spending a fraction of your money. With all that said, you can always make your investment in an adjustable dumbbell and enjoy all the wide range of benefits that it has in store for you.

You can get to enjoy performing your workouts with only the best adjustable dumbbell. Without that, you might face a rough time getting through that. With the available brands in the market today, you will for sure get confused while trying to settle on what’s best. Therefore, we have made your work easier by solving this problem. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best adjustable dumbbells to aid you as you try to make your choice. The list entails the following brands;

10. Yes4All Versatile Space Efficient Adjustable Dumbbell with Connector Options

For peak performance during strength training, Yes4All adjustable dumbbell becomes a great choice for everyone. This workout equipment comes with a dumbbell connector which allows you to switch between dumbbell and barbell exercises. It is designed from cast iron materials with a powder-coated finish to prevent corrosion and rust for longer-lasting performance. The textured chrome handle is well designed to minimize hand fatigue while maximizing comfort and handgrip. Ideally, it is equipped with star-lock collars and threaded ends which makes it easier to make weight changes.


  • Has special locks to keep you safer while exercising
  • Does not need much storage space thus more convenient
  • Takes a few seconds to fully assemble this unit
  • Easy for all persons to operate since it has a simple design


  • Takes time to change the weights

9. Movtotop Solid Non-Slip Adjustable Dumbbell with Easy Adjusting Nut-Safe

You can start your fitness right away without damaging your floor with Movtotop adjustable dumbbell. With the nonslip handle, you can exercise without any fear of slipping in case you begin sweating. It has a deep thread design to prevent any fall-offs as you get to your normal workout routine. Furthermore, it is made from environmentally friendly and high-quality materials to become your long-term partner. This set also comes with anti-skid side pads to effectively keep you safer from scrolling during floor exercises. With this, you can avoid any accidents that can cause injuries.


  • You can stick them at any place when not in use
  • Easy to set them up and rotate without hurting your hands
  • Convenient to carry around to exercise at any place
  • Suitable for use at home or office with its compact design


  • Has plastic spinlock collars

8. Runwe Set of 2 Adjustable Dumbbell for Home, Office, or Gym Workout Fitness

Keep your entire family safer while performing their workouts with Runwe adjustable dumbbell. It is equipped with coarsened rubber handles that give you greater control of this device at all times. You can now exercise more comfortably with the fact that it offers you a firmer grip. With the connecting bar, you can easily attach it to both dumbbells to transform it into a barbell. Since it has adjustable plates, you can customize the weight of either barbell or dumbbell to achieve your desired setting. This multipurpose unit enables you to improve your overall health by losing some weight and building your core muscles.


  • Features polyethylene coating to protect your floors
  • Has unique X shaped plates with an anti-rolling design
  • The wing-bolt enhanced spinlock keeps the unit locked
  • Handles are well coated for a firmer grip while exercising


  • The flecks can be a little bit sharper

7. AtivaFit High-Quality Single Adjustable Dumbbell for Workout Strength Training

AtivaFit adjustable dumbbell is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your workout needs. These counterweights are designed from sturdy steel materials that offer your longer usage life and the needed stability. You can change the weights between 5.5lbs and 27.5lbs in a quicker manner with just a push and slide. Moreover, you can adjust the handle to increase friction while keeping you comfortable as you exercise. Since you can purchase one dumbbell to replace the other 3 dumbbells, you no longer have to worry about storage space since it occupies less space.


  • Has an elegant appearance thus suitable for unisex users
  • Ideal for core fitness, heavy leg lifts, and strength exercises
  • Equipped with soft grip handle for more comfortable operations
  • Features a simple and fast adjustment procedure


  • Lever gets stuck while adjusting sometimes

6. Flybird Anti-slip Adjustable Dumbbell for Men and Women for Full Body Workouts

Sixth on our list is this high-quality adjustable dumbbell brand by Flybird. This unit is constructed from high-grade metallic materials that assure you of strong and long-lasting workout equipment. It helps you to save space that could have been occupied by 5 dumbbells while meeting your multiple workout needs. Since you can easily make adjustments between 5lbs to 25lbs, you can modify your muscles and strengthen muscle fibers. Even better, it features a one-hand operation making it easier for you to make any adjustments while performing your workouts.


  • Has 8 locks structure design to keep you safer
  • The handle has an anti-slip design for stable tasks
  • Designed from durable and rust-resistant materials
  • Extremely easy to make adjustments while exercising


  • Has some plastic components

5. Nordic Lifting 45lbs Space Saver Adjustable Dumbbell with Interchangeable Dial

You can take your workouts to the next level with Nordic Lifting adjustable dumbbell. This equipment offers you 16 sets of weights ranging from 5lbs to 45lbs without the need of purchasing multiple units. With only one twist, you can easily adjust the weights to suit all your desires. In addition, you can easily store this dumbbell after performing your workouts because it is equipped with adjustable wheels to ease movements. Since you no longer have to hit your gym frequently, you can exercise effectively just at your home. This comes in with the fact that it does not take much storage space in your home.


  • Easy to assemble with the included clear instructions
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable workouts
  • Takes a shorter time when you switch weights
  • Has a lightweight design thus easier to move around


  • Has a smaller dial

4. AlwaysClean Adjustable Dumbbell Single Set for Home Fitness and Exercises

As a fitness enthusiast, AlwaysClean adjustable dumbbell becomes one of your must-have accessories. It is equipped with a clear dial that allows you to make concise adjustments which help to shorten the time for changing weight. Each dumbbell has a locking structure inside to prevent the weight from falling fall while exercising. This keeps you safer at all times. You no longer have to worry about your dumbbells taking too much space because it has a smaller cubic volume to save space. This allows you to replace up to 15 conventional dumbbells with this one unit.


  • Suitable to shape your arms, shoulders, back, and so on
  • Takes the shortest time possible to fully assemble it
  • Made from high-quality plastic and iron components
  • Easy to clean by wiping since it has a smooth design


  • The dial can be tricky to turn sometimes

3. Runwe Latest Workout Adjustable Dumbbell with Patent Twist-Lock Design for Fitness

Are you really up for a workout challenge? Well, you got to make Runwe adjustable dumbbell your company for a win. This unit has a patent twist-lock mechanism that enables you to make any adjustments by pushing and rotating without wasting much time. You can easily adjust each dumbbell from 8.5lbs to 52.5lbs to select the weight that suits you best. Additionally, it is ideal for performing basic body workouts, heavy-lift legs, core fitness, strength exercises, and many more. Since it is designed from high-quality steel components, you are assured of a strong and long-lasting unit.


  • The steel sheets inside ensure an accurate weight
  • Have a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • Safer for daily use since it features a fast locking design
  • Complements your decor with their fashionable design


  • You cannot load it past 52lbs

2. Funcode Multifunctional Adjustable Dumbbell with Anti-slip Handle for Home Gym

You no longer have to make multiple purchases for different weights because Funcode adjustable dumbbell does all that. It comes in a set of two dumbbells which allows you to perform diverse strength training by only changing the weights. Featuring a multifunctional design, you can use it to tone your back, lift your arms, lose weight, shape your body, and so on. Better still, it is equipped with removable weight plates which allow you to set the weight as per your desires. You will always feel safe whenever you are exercising thanks to the slip-resistant textured handle design.


  • Has an adjustable design thus suitable for use at home
  • The upgraded curved shaped handle offers s firmer grip
  • Designed high-quality thick materials that last longer
  • Easy to adjust the weight at any time to suit your needs


  • Gets stuck sometimes while making adjustments

1. Bowflex Compact Adjustable Dumbbell for Lateral Raise, Scott Curl, and Reverse Crunch

If you need to perform more workouts with no much bigger space in your house, you can try this adjustable dumbbell by Bowflex. It has a compact this it won’t take much of your space whether you need to use it at home or in the gym. You can easily change the resistance from 5lbs to 52.5 lbs with just a turn of a dial. With this, you can perform a wide range of exercises such as triceps kickback, rear delt row, lying leg raises, and many more. Moreover, it features durable molding around the metal plates which assures you of smooth lift-off and a longer-lasting unit. This makes it a great gift for those who are into workouts.


  • Allows you to change from one exercise to another rapidly
  • Offers you quieter workouts to avoid any disturbances
  • Has a compact design thus saves you much on your space
  • Suits all persons since it has a wider weight range


  • Not suitable for push-ups

Factors to consider when purchasing adjustable dumbbell

Materials used

Since you will need to perform your workouts every day, you will need a dumbbell that can last longer regardless of how you use it. You will always want them to last long since you will always rely on one set for almost all of your strength training exercises. Therefore, it wise to go for a unit designed from steel and cast iron materials because they are well known for their strength and durability.

Ease of use

Whenever you are purchasing an adjustable dumbbell, you should always consider one that is easy to use by everyone. These units use different mechanisms to secures weight plates to the handles and not all of them can be so easy to operate. So, you ensure that you get a set that is easier to switch weights during your training sessions for more convenience.

Weight range

Whenever you are selecting an adjustable dumbbell, you should check on the minimum and maximum weights that it can provide. One with lower weight settings allows you to maintain your current fitness or increase your muscle strength as you move towards the heavier weight settings.

Mode of storage

Even those with smaller spaces can now get to use these units because they do not take much space. You can install it in one corner of your home and also enjoy your workouts more comfortably. This makes it easier for you to carry it around and store it at any place without taking much of your space.


You can get to performing your workouts as you desire at home or in your office at any time. They are equipped with different features to meet the needs of different persons. They are well designed to ensure that you can always exercise as you desire. Therefore, depending on your needs, you will find that particular brand that will suit you better. So whether you need to shape your body while remaining physically fit, you are in the right place. Having gone through our list, you can now make your choice without turning back.