10 Best 50 Inch Smart TV in Reviews

Television sets have tremendously improved over time since their invention. Currently, large screen TVs with LED, OLED or Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) are well spread worldwide. Even better, around 2018, almost all TV manufacturing companies come up with smart features and top-notch functionalities. Smart TVs are friendly and easy to operate and for that reason, you need to get one if you haven’t. This article is here to help you get the best smart TV.

TVs are manufactured with different screen sizes and in this article, we’ve decided to present to you the best ten 50 inch Smart TVs in reviews. The selections would offer you a chance to choose the one that suits you. You should also check the buyer’s guide that comes after these devices. Look no further than this list and don’t dread buying one soon or later for your home. Let’s kick-off!

#10. TCL 49S325 Remote Controlled 1080p Full HD 3 Series Roku 49 Inch Smart LED TV

To get us started is the TCL 49S325 49 inches smart TV. The 3 series Roku unit offers you all your favorite content with over 500,000 movies and countless TV programs. If you need to access these programs, the intuitive interface will let you have seamlessly. Because of its smart capability, this TV offers enjoyable content right to your living space. Besides, it is not only clear but also power efficient. Its remote is easy to use with only 20 well-labeled buttons for efficiency. This fast-growing brand will surely change the world’s TV perspective. With a stylish look, it makes your house look even more magnificent. Above all, this is the most affordable smart TV to buy with top-notch features.


  • The smart TV is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Simple and sleek intuitive unit make your house elegant
  • Uses 1080p HD resolution for crisp and clear pictures
  • Delivers more contents at the palm of your hand


  • Inserting HDMI seems a bit challenging

#9. INSIGNIA NS-50DF710NA19 4K Ultra-HD HDR 50 Inch Smart TV (Fire TV Edition)

INSIGNIA 4K Ultra-UHD smart TV is the latest generation of TVs offering in-built Fire TV experience. It includes Alexa and a voice Remote that makes the interaction even more thrilling. Also, delivering 4K ultra-HD images and access to all TV shows and movies you like, this smart device is your ultimate deal. Operating this electronic is that simple because it has an AI control unit (voice remote & Alexa). The voice controller also necessitates the launching of apps, play music, search titles, control home smart technologies, and switch inputs and more. This smart system is novel but also simple. By connecting to available Wi-Fi, you can move on enjoying your favorite show.


  • Simple to operate, just plug it in and stream your favorite units
  • Enable you to stream over half-a-million movies and TV episodes
  • Alexa enable you to control all smart devices at home
  • Offer great pictures at an incredible value


  • The TV seems okay but the menus are awful

#8. Hisense 50R7E Series 4K Ultra-HD HDR Easy-To-Use Remote Roku 50 Inch Smart LED TV

Here is a better TV with a better value, Hisense 50R7E 50 inch smart TV. The R7E Hisense smart TV is perfect for delivering your favorite entertainment in a different way altogether. This model uses 4K ultra-UHD to deliver crystal clear images on the screen. This technology boosts contrast and color with a refreshing rate of 120 hertz for an easier way to follow a fast action. Besides, this smart device doesn’t only display your favorite TV show, movie or game but it also transforms them highly. When running, the TV uses 450 watts while on standby mode, at rates less than 0.5 watts to save you electricity bills.


  • The in-built wireless band offers you fast-connection for fast streaming
  • It offers you a more crisp picture as compared to the full HD models
  • HDR technology delivers you close to real-life pictures
  • Has a simple home screen with an easy to use remote


  • There are two light dots in the middle of the screen

#7. Toshiba 50LF711U20 4K Ultra-HD HDR Alexa 50 Inch Smart LED TV (Fire TV Edition)

Toshiba is shifting its gear and offering us a state-of-the-art 50 inches smart TV delivering a fire TV experience in-built. The 4K UHD smart TV includes a voice remote together with Alexa. Due to its internet connectivity, this TV enables you to stream all your favorite TV programs, Videos or even movies. Contents are limitless, just sit on that cozy sofa and enjoy the heart-warming episode. The voice control will enable you to control all other smart devices, launch apps, search tittles and play music. It uses HDR resolution for enhanced picture clarity and superior brightness. The 50-inch screen is worth your money, order it now!


  • Uses voice remote with Alexa to control all your smart device
  • You have control over channels that you want to watch
  • Deliver truly to live breathtaking quality pictures
  • Fully customizable for a more friendly use
  • A smart and simple device to operate


  • Develop flickering issues after a while of use

#6. Amazon Renewed VIZIO 4K Ultra-HD Class 2160p HDR 50 Inch Smart LED TV (V505-G9)

Amazon is never leaving it for a chance, they have also recommended this smart unit by VIZIO. The screen has been fully inspected and will certainly deliver its main agenda, display crystal clear pictures. It’s a long-lasting unit and video quality is impressive. The screen is sleek and displays crispy pictures. Besides, the price is also beckoning, incomparable with other expensive models. In comes in a brand new packaging for assurance that it has not been opened by anyone. Although the black scenes don’t seem sharp, it is perfect enough to enjoy a movie or a show. What’s more, this is an incredible asset to own.


  • HDR technology improves pictures contrast and colors
  • Great shape screen and deliver unimaginable pictures
  • It is easy to operate and sift through various applications
  • The price is excellent for the quality of the product


  • The black in scenes doesn’t seem sharp enough

#5. Sceptre 4K Ultra-HD 3840 x 2160 MEMC 120 Metal Black 50 Inch Smart TV (U518CV-UM)

Sceptre 50 inch smart TV uses LED 4K UHD for the best watching experience. The screen delivers unrivaled colors, clear image details, and impressive contrasts. UHD up-scaling offers you a great way of enjoying quality videos and pictures. Besides, the new display will breathe a new life into your longtime TV shows and movies. With Mobile High Definition (MHD), this TV enables you to stream contents from the compatible mobile to this TV. The MEMC 120 with all action-packed sequence offer you a great watching experience. Having this screen is a win more so if you a fan of video games, movies, and sports enthusiasts.


  • 4K ultra-HD delivers quality pictures for excellent watching experience
  • MHL allows you to stream content from your smartphone to this TV
  • Have simple controls with straightforward remote
  • The TV is light enough for one person to grab
  • It delivers a much-improved sound


  • The wall mounting screws are missing

#4. Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA 7 Series 4K UHD Ultra-HD Flat HDR 50 Inch Smart TV

Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA 50 inch smart TV reputable smart TV because it comes from a renowned company. The model enables you to see vivid details in a stunning 4K. With this screen, every show, scene and season is raised with picture clarity for clear visual display. Additionally, the smart guide will lead you to find what you want to watch. Huge shades of color display a lifelike picture that HD TV can’t display. Even better, the slim design will create an elegant look that you’ll admire. The dashboard will offer you seamless control of your smart home appliances and devices. If you’re playing a powerful game, then this TV will suit you because it’s refreshing rate is 120 hertz.


  • The single remote is capable of controlling all your smart devices at home
  • A simple on-screen guide will let you get contents to stream faster
  • The sleek design naturally fits your living space perfectly
  • It enhances pictures quality with HDR for lifelike displays


  • Set up is a bit annoying (you’ve to register into a Samsung account)

#3. LG 49SM8600PUA Nano 8 Series 4K Ultra-HD NanoCell 49 Inch Smart LED TV (Black)

Time has come to unveil a new world in Nano Color. LG 49 inch smart LED TV has come to offer you stunning and vibrant pictures in your living space. With the potential to display nanometer-particles, this smart device is here to amaze you. You can enhance the contrast and the black levels using dimming control across every point of the LED backlight. This LG model is capable of transforming your house into an entertainment powerhouse. Aside from connecting to the internet, this unit is even more intelligent than its forerunners. For instance, LG ThinQ AI is capable to listen and answer instantly. It’s the model that comes to allow you personalized your entertainment.


  • Combines Alexa, Google Assistant with LG ThinQ AI to offer nice watching experience
  • Airplay 2 enable you to cast anything from Apple iPhone to LG AI TV
  • Displays crisp and detailed pictures with vibrant colors
  • Works easily to offer high trustworthy wireless audio


  • Sound sync ought to have options for adjusting both ways

#2. VIZIO M-Series Quantum Class 4K Ultra-HDR SmartCast 3.0 55 Inch Smart TV (M558-G1)

The New VIZIO Quantum 55 inch 4K HDR Smart TV is offering you a chance to experience a world of extraordinary color. It is the first model to use cutting edge quantum dot technology to deliver cinematic color intensity that is up to 80 percent more than the ordinary 4k TVs. Also, it features Smart Cast 3.0 for controlling, streaming and sharing your favorites. Built on a very powerful backlight to produce millions of shades of colors to relay hyper-realistic details and texture. Moreover, VIZIO Smart Cast3.0 supports airplay 2 that enables you to stream directly in from Apple devices like the iPhone and Laptop to the VIZIO screen. You wouldn’t need any extra-remote to control this device because it uses Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to manage everything.


  • It’s controlled with the use of Google Assistant & Alexa
  • Offers up to 80 percent color than the ordinary 4K TVs
  • Compatible with Apple Airplay and home kit
  • You get over 150 channels to stream for free
  • Ultra-bright 600 delivers detailed highlights


  • The smart TV consist of two tripods

#1. Sony X950G 4K Ultra-LED Alexa Compatible & Alexa Ultimate Realism 55 Inch Smart TV

Switch to the world of dream colors and contrast by embracing Sony X950G 4K HDR Smart TV. This 55 inch delivers clear 4K HDR pictures. And it is powered by Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. Contents have never been brighter than with this Full Array Dimming and Boosting. The X-motion clarity technology makes scenes look real. When in power consumption mode, this unit operates with 235 watts while in standby mode it only uses 0.5 watts to cut wastages. You can connect Alexa to this system to enable you to stream pictures using your voice. Besides, you can also ask Alexa to launch video apps, play music and more and watch you it on your screen.


  • Motionflow-XR technology enable watch lifelike pictures on the screen
  • The Smart TV is compatible with Alexa for hassle-free control
  • Uses HDR to create incredible and bright details of a picture
  • Immersive audio to sync sound from picture reality


  • Casting contents from apps on your phone is unreliable

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best 50 Inch Smart TV


Smart TVs are incredible units for home entertainment needs. We may use to play games, as monitors for computers, to watch movies and more. If you need to buy one, you should first prioritize your needs to get the best type. The most popular types are LCD and LED TVs. Besides, they come in different screen sizes and power-saving backlighting. The OLED models are also good because they overcome the fading effects. Choose the type you like wisely.


Everyone would indeed like to have a blissful experience while playing games or watching movies. For that reason, you ought to check the resolution of the 50 inch TV you would want to opt for before paying for it. The most popular resolution is the full HD TV (1920 x 1080p) – which is also a standard resolution worldwide. But one drawback about this resolution is that images don’t get displayed clearly. That’s why other people shift to 4K ultra-HD which have around 4 times the number of pixels the best TV can offer. The model above uses this technology to offer you sharper images for clarity.

Refresh Rate

The unit is expressed in Hertz. This is the rate at which a TV refreshes pictures every second. The rate often varies from one screen to the other, depending on the quality and type of images it’s displaying. In most cases, it is advisable to purchase a 50-inch model that has at least 60 hertz. In so doing, it will improve on its transition and clarity. The rate is also great for playing fast-action sports and High Definition movies especially when you purchase a TV with an instant response rate.

Smart Technology

Smart TVs have changed how people entertain while at home. Unlike in the recent past where people depended on Cable TV and DVDs, you can now stream your favorite movie from the internet. The smart units are either powered by Roku or Android. They offer you a chance to access live media streaming from applications such as Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Pandora, and many more movies and videos. If you opt for one of the above 50 inch smart TVs, it will not let you down. With a cable and wireless internet, you’re set to go.


There are tons of TV sets to choose from, but we have limited to your to 50 inch TV models. Most of these sets have 4K ultra-HD features for clarity and precision watches. If you follow our review closely, we can promise you that you find the smart TV model that will suit you. And above all, the TV models in front of you are from reputable companies, you have to smile. Put your priorities in the forefront for a perfect shopping experience. Even if you know nothing about TVs, this guide is a lead to enjoyable shopping time. Make the right decision by purchasing a smart screen that suits all your needs!